I had trinkets to share tonight, but my camera isn’t cooperating for some reason. Hopefully it’s just a battery issue and not another electronic gadget gone permanently awry, like the iPod.

At any rate, I should mention that I’m still holding out for more quirky xmas decoration pics as I’ve only received a few. So please send them along, if you’d intended to.

Have a nice Monday!

11 thoughts on “Picless”

  1. Glad you liked the meme contribution! The christmas spirit is still trying to arrive here at “The House Of” so holiday photos, quirky or not, are non entities yet!

  2. I guess that you slowed me down when you added the word quirky to project.-I thinkif you just send a photo of a Christmas decoration I would have done it by now.

  3. Laura, I’ve been thinking about the “quirky” part for a long time! I will try harder tonight. You see, we have moved twice in five years so a lot of quirky stuff got thrown out. Maybe there is a very strange ornament I hang year after year for an particular reason.

  4. I was thinking about that “Poop” post! I think folks do like to see and hear about those kinds of issues, everybody has questions you know!

    It was well done and helpful and certainly hit the mark!

    Is it available on the House Rabbit Society site as an article?

  5. After a summer of deteriorating camera problems, and a month of waiting for the repair shop, I just got my camera back today! Maybe this is a good way to re-christen it.

  6. I’ve not been successful with the quirky photo hunt.
    I’ll blame the short days and lack of experience with night shots, for not having anything to pass on!

  7. Rabbit’s Guy: Look to the neighbors.. maybe they’re ahead!

    Larry: There’s still time if you think of it!

    Mary: The neighbors! You must see something driving to and from work that makes you giggle!

    Delia: Yes I did, and thanks!

    Rabbit’s Guy: So funny that there’s that many people wondering over *bunny poop*

    e4: Hey! Nice to see you! Do send something along if you come across something quirky enough.

    Monarch: Yeah.. i think it’s okay really.

    Nina: Thanks though, and I know – it’s forever dark, i think.

    Susan: You were the first, you know. One of these days I’ll have enough pics to put something together!

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