A caveat*

Photographing terns on a nude beach requires careful cropping.

 ; )

So my dilemma was this: resist the opportunity to photograph the royal terns, laughing gulls, willets and black-bellied plovers loafing together in the sunshine at Playalinda Beach on the Cape Canaveral National Seashore or bare (tee hee!) with the discomfort of using a camera amid a bunch of naked people.

I chose the assumption that those folks wouldn’t mind the long-as-my-arm telephoto lens so long as I didn’t ever point it directly at them. I never figured on them to walk purposefully, almost, and repeatedly through my frame. Or to approach me, full-frontal(!), to talk camera gear.

What was I thinking!!!

Never again, never again.

Lesson learned.

*parts of this photo have been excessively blurred in deference to the comfort of readers.