Dear Jayne led me to this bit of hilarity and I thought I’d share the results with you. The idea is to upload a pic of yourself and see the yearbook photo that might’ve been had you come of age in a different decade.

1950: Oh my god… I’m my mother.

1966: Meh. I can just imagine the gallons of hairspray that made this possible.

1974: Yes! The Marsha Brady hair I always wanted!

1980: Not a good look for me.

1996: Meh again. This is pretty much the cut I wear now, but for all the unruly curls.

Please note that I’ve left out anything too embarrassing or which too closely resembles some past reality… mostly those really bad 80’s mall looks. If I were really courageous I’d post my real yearbook pic from 1988.


Not gonna happen!

Why not give it a try at Yearbook Yourself and share on your own blog? I won’t laugh too loudly… I promise!

Pie fixes everything

Remember doing this as a kid?

Can you imagine me pouting when the whipped-cream covered beaters went to the two youngest relatives gathered around the table and I wasn’t one of them?


There was also some pouting involved with having to sit with the grown-ups afterwards drinking coffee and discussing important issues (arguing over politics), instead of curling up on the floor in front of a movie.


The pie made up for it, almost.

Turkey disguise 2

I’ve been chuckling and scratching my head as hits to this silly post from last Thanksgiving have steadily increased in the last month or so… what in the world are people looking for when they search for “how to disguise a turkey?”


I did a little searching of my own tonight and came up with this site that has complete instructions for how to disguise a meatless product for your Turkey Day dinner.

Could that be it, do you think?

Have a happy, everyone. Keep the turkey and pass me the mashed potatoes instead.

Little joys

A rainy walk with the dog. A perfect cup of coffee. Baby pictures from a friend. Sunlit frost on the grass first thing this morning. Blue-winged butterflies. Crunchy tacos and guacamole. Memories of church bells. An hour with a book then a nap. Luka keeping my feet warm on the couch during said nap.


Today was a quiet day. A very ordinary day. They’re nice, too.


There’s an old folk belief
that demands a sudden gift upon spotting a
and one that says it brings good luck on a long journey;
I have only words to toss into the chilly air of a November sunset
and this thought of you that stays
long after the turkey vulture, like a plane, disappears from sight.

Click on the pic for a bigger view!

My sour gum

This little tree has only been here for a little over a year now and it doesn’t seem to have grown at all, but that’s the way with trees. I think we pay them lots of attention when they’re first planted and then forget them. All at once they’re taller than us and thick-trunked and a proper tree.

I was glad to see some of the nice fall color that sour gums are known for… though I waited too long to get a pic of it. If I remember right, last fall the leaves never showed much change in color before they dropped. It was nice to see a hint of red out there, finally.

Luka goes to the vet

Yeah, you can imagine what that’s like!

Please note that sweet, handsome Dr. Heins is sitting on Luka in the corner. Need I say anything else?

This was the calmest moment of tonight’s visit, actually. We were in for Luka’s yearly exam and shots. He was weighed. He’s now on a diet. Blood was drawn. That required the in-the-corner-tackle by the vet. His ears were cleaned of their yeasty goop. There’s medicine for that.

Everyone survived.

We’re new to this vet practice, more or less, since Luka. I love Dr. Heins because he loves Labs and knows them inside and out. He takes his time with us and humors Luka’s goofyness. Plus, he’s extra generous with the cookies which makes Luka really really like him.

Anyone want to guess how much Luka weighs now?