Seven random things

I’ve been tagged by Endment with a meme to list seven random things. I’ve done some variation on this meme a few times, but they seem well-buried in the archives in case I repeat myself.

Here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random or weird things about yourself.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here goes:

1. I have a newly-minted relative. Here’s his pic. Can you tell he’s not from my side of the family with that dark hair! His name is Giovanni.

2. The only magazine I subscribe to and read regularly is Vanity Fair. At the moment, I carry three issues to and from work with me every day, but clearly don’t find the time to read them.

3. Speaking of work, my cubicle-buddy Linda came back today after being out on maternity leave since early September. Linda is Dominican and it’s so nice to have someone to share *bochinche* with and chat in Spanish again.

4. I still haven’t really started my Xmas shopping. Can you say denial?

5. My favorite place to bird in Cape May is Hidden Valley Ranch. We never even got there when the flock was here in October, but the habitat is similar to Higbee’s (pictured here on a very birdy morning) except that there’s also a nice bit of wet woods and oftentimes Barred Owls (and horses)!

6. I finally had to buy Luka a new collar because he’s outgrown the old one. Of course he wouldn’t cooperate for his picture and insisted on sitting on me while I tried to take it, but the collar is a pretty shade of blue with neon green alligators on it and reminds me of the preppy ties I like to buy for my brothers from
Vineyard Vines.

7. Ever wonder what brings the most visitors to this blog from Google searches? This post and its pic of bunny poop. Go figure!

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8 thoughts on “Seven random things”

  1. The baby is adorable!and your list is interesting. My Christmas preparations are at about the same place as yours :-o!

  2. This post is loaded with CUTE. What a pretty little boy and I love the name “Giovanni”! And, Luka looks very kissable :o) He’s growing from cute to handsome. You had better start shopping.

  3. I came for the poop; I stay for the Giovanni.

    I’ve noticed sometimes that Nibble’s poos are smaller than usual. I am trying to get him to eat more hay, but usually the only way is to hand-feed it to him. Little stinker.

  4. Ruth: The problem is that however many days later, I’ve still not made much progress!

    KGMom: As babies go, I guess he’s pretty cute!

    Diva Kitty: Right!

    Dave: Poopology – exactly! Maybe you should take some pics and do a post like that someday.

    Mary: There’s no hope – the shopping or Luka. He’s a handsome devil (making me nuts lately, really!)

    Delia: (I’m about to preach here.) Where do you get hay? Want me to send you something Niblet will actually eat?


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