Just another Monday

Beach plums in bloom make me happy, so I’m posting this pic, as unseasonable as it is, in an attempt to temper my crankiness. Other than normal Monday crankiness, this is what had me frazzled today:

*My camera – it’s fine I think, just something wrong with the memory card, but that means spending money on a new one or sorting out what to do with this one and really do I have time for that now?

*Street signs – why don’t towns maintain them for dopey social workers like me who go out without a proper map? And why don’t people put numbers on their damn houses?

*I locked myself out of the house… again. Only the second time in a month, mind you.

*I still haven’t done any Xmas shopping! What the devil is the matter with me!

*It’s a little chilly here and my mother-in-law ran out of oil to heat her house and didn’t mention it to anyone. (I won’t mention the two brothers-in-law that live with her and who also didn’t mention it nor did they mention there was no money to buy more oil.) Hello? Are my relatives particularly nutty or do yours do this type of thing, too?

(And I see the ridiculousness of worrying over xmas gifts when the MIL has no heat.. I do!)

*Speaking of relatives (I should probably just stop before I really get on a roll, but can’t resist just one more tidbit) – digging around in the closet this evening looking for cookie tins, I found Xmas presents from last year for my nephew, all wrapped pretty and waiting for his dad to show up for them. I guess they’ll still be there this Xmas if he ever bothers to let me know if he’s planning to come for dinner!

Hmm.. that’s probably enough. So how was your Monday?


It’ll be better in the morning… I know.

8 thoughts on “Just another Monday”

  1. Hugs to you Laura- and mabe a little shoulder massage too. Don’t even get me started on families. And I’m talking about MY family- not Art’s! Grrr…

  2. Aw, Laura…. my relatives are all complainers like me, so there’s no chance one of them would get into that situation without everyone else hearing about it!

    When I delivered pizzas, I used to constantly utter “house numbers would be SO effing helpful” under my breath A LOT.

    I’m having weird camera issues too–battery-related, I think. Ugh.

  3. I hear ya. Christmas feels like just another deadline to meet, which kinda defeats the holiday spirit, don’t it? (c:

  4. Your photo is a painting.

    Crazy families? Yeah, we all have a bit of that! LOL!

    Hoping your Tuesday is better and your camera isn’t ill.

  5. Jayne: Thanks for the hugs! Some days.. well, you know.


    Lynne: 🙂 No.. I won’t mention my family – to many check in here!

    Delia: After stopping a few truly crazy people for directions, I finally found a mailman who told me the street I was looking for didn’t exist but on maps! Imagine.

    Amy: lol. I think Xmas may just not happen in any recognizable fashion!

    Jean: Yeah, but they make life interesting (and make for good stories!)

    Mary: Tuesday was better (closer to Friday and vacation!)

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