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The world’s worst dog

No… not Luka!

I finally sat still long enough to watch “Marley and Me”. What a sweet movie. Most of Marley’s antics felt very familiar, as I imagine they would to any owner of a Labrador.

I’d read the book years ago when it first came out and I think this is one instance where I enjoyed the movie more than the book.

Just don’t watch the end.

An afternoon at the park

Luka was all smiles at the dog park this afternoon. Most every time we go, there’s a new pack of dogs to play with…

Today there were lots of smallish dogs, including at least half a dozen look-alike black pugs, one of which tried to take Luka’s nose off. This little yorkie (?) was a sweetheart though.

There were a couple really big dogs, which are my favorites, though I’d hate to have to feed them. Look at this monster with the sweetest of faces!

Luka took to this dobie today and followed her everywhere… mainly because he really wanted that rope toy she’s teasing him with.

Is there a dog park in your neighborhood? Can you mention it within earshot of your dog without having to take them for a visit?

Snow crazy

Like snow-crazed dogs everywhere, Luka considered all that white fluffy stuff as a grand excuse to play!

While I was busy digging my car out… he busied himself with uncovering his basketball. He liked for me to toss the ball into a fresh patch so that he could plunge his whole head under the snow and push the ball along with his nose like a seal.

It took hours to shovel enough of the driveway to get my car out… mostly because Luka insisted on playing fetch the whole time! (Fetch is mainly about throwing the ball for him and then wrestling him to the ground to get it back.)

He made the chore fun at least… sometimes I think if it weren’t for him I’d hardly have an excuse to play anymore. With Luka, I can roll around in the snow like a kid and get away with it.



I have this series of almost funny pics of Luka playing with his basketball in the snow yesterday; he’s all googly-eyed and acting his normal goofy self.

This last one, his serious face, is my favorite. He’s concerned that my attention has wavered from him and the act he puts on for the camera. I’d spotted a pair of red tails perched in the black locust at the corner edge of our yard and was planning a way to get closer to them without spooking them from their perch.

He’s plotting what silly move of his will have me giggling his way again…

Bird dog

Can’t you just hear him promising not to pull the stuffing out of his new ducky?

A couple hours later he’s apologetic almost.

First to go was one of the pretty orange feet; then he attacked the seam and pulled all the innards out, including the squeaky bits. All that’s left now is some stuffing in the very tip of the beak that he can’t seem to get to.

Dead duck.

And I thought Labs were prized for their *soft* mouths?


Lukamoose and favorite Xmas songs

Yes, he’s a ham for the camera!

Can you imagine the torture I’d inflict on a child?

He’s not knocked down the tree or lifted his leg on it. Yet. Stealing ornaments is another matter altogether.


I’m playing along with a holiday meme I saw over at Liza’s and elsewhere to list 10 favorite Christmas songs. My favorites are mostly traditional carols…

1. O Holy Night – this is my absolute favorite carol, I think.

2. Please Come Home for Christmas by the Eagles

3. Carol of the Bells

4. Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy by David Bowie and Bing Crosby

5. Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg – I won’t admit to liking anything else by him, but this one makes me cry every single time I hear it.

6. Earth Abides by Philip Aaberg – a nicely quiet piano piece

7. Fairytale of NY by The Pogues – not one you’d ever hear on the radio, but an old favorite I was reminded of by reading other responses to this meme. Be warned… The Pogues are something of an acquired taste!

8. Silent Night – this one is all about the setting… I love hearing it on Christmas Eve, at midnight, holding a small candle in front of me at church with hot wax dripping onto my fingers.

9. Wexford Carol

10. Peace by Norah Jones

Why not share a few of your favorites?

Portrait day

Somebody had too much time on their hands today (me!) and well, you know how it is with animals…

Half the fun of pets is the chance to dress them up funny and embarrass them. Luka is pretty good at this all by himself and doesn’t need the little Santa hat to be a goof…

The wheekers were the most cooperative of the lot which is strange considering I hardly ever handle them. There’s something odd about the texture of their fur that gives me the willies…

I know you hardly ever see their photos here, but Xmas is a special occasion, I guess. Note how suspiciously they’re looking at me…

Freckles was just plain pissed off. Silly rabbit! She figures she’s old enough and shouldn’t have to put up with my foolishness any longer. If looks could kill…

Sunshine wasn’t very happy either. What’s with these rabbits? Where’s the Xmas cheer?

Boomer wouldn’t even look at me… poor embarrassed bunny.

Peeper the ferocious tried to disappear into the carpet. She’s bitten me for much lesser offenses than a red hat.

I’m not sure there’s any winners here… anyone have a favorite?