An afternoon at the park

Luka was all smiles at the dog park this afternoon. Most every time we go, there’s a new pack of dogs to play with…

Today there were lots of smallish dogs, including at least half a dozen look-alike black pugs, one of which tried to take Luka’s nose off. This little yorkie (?) was a sweetheart though.

There were a couple really big dogs, which are my favorites, though I’d hate to have to feed them. Look at this monster with the sweetest of faces!

Luka took to this dobie today and followed her everywhere… mainly because he really wanted that rope toy she’s teasing him with.

Is there a dog park in your neighborhood? Can you mention it within earshot of your dog without having to take them for a visit?

9 thoughts on “An afternoon at the park”

  1. They look as if they are having so much fun!!!
    The dog park is Kody’s favorite place.
    Me—- I like a place with more birds:)

  2. We do have a community dog park, but it is small and on the other end of the community. There are few other dogs to play with, so we don’t go very often.

    Looks like Luka really enjoys it. We miss the very large dog park we had in Wisconsin. There were always lots of other dogs there. It’s good for dogs to socialize with other dogs.

  3. Luka sure is having fun.
    Oh, that face on BIG dog.

    I can hardly wait–our township is building a dog park. It is right next to the community park where I currently take our dog, Tipper. She LOVES to go there now. I can’t imagine what she will do when we add dogs to the mix. Now, it’s an open field where she can run and sniff.

  4. I like the monster dog. They are always the most gentle…like those Great Danes who want to sit on your lap.

    Luka is a prize. Friends with everyone, I can tell!

    We don’t have a dog park nearby. Wish we did.


  5. Dogs having fun!!

    We are just a bunch of small towns here … some have nice dog parks, others don’t. We are not dog people but I have been very impressed with how well the dog owners keep the dog parks cleaned up and the water bottles full and so on … I think that is why there are getting to be more of them.

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