Wildlife tree

Ever thought to decorate a tree for the birds and other wildlife in your garden? As if you need something else to have to decorate?


It might be something as simple as strings of popcorn and peanuts, cranberries and grapes, or something as elaborate (and pretty) as this wildlife tree at Longwood Gardens. The NWF suggests thin apple and orange slices, as well as pinecones coated with a mix of peanut butter and cornmeal then dipped in birdseed. Zick dough might be yummy too, I’d bet. And remember that your discarded xmas tree makes a great sheltering spot for birds and can be used as the base of a brush pile to attact other wildlife.

I took this pic last Christmas at Longwood and swore I’d make it back this past summer – didn’t happen. I wonder if anyone is going this Christmas? Heather in Pa. – is this tree a staple of the display? Do you know if the decorations are handmade?

Something else to add to the holiday to-do list.

9 thoughts on “Wildlife tree”

  1. Sounds like a great idea if I had the time. I’d need to choose a tree beyond the fence or I’d find Chloe and Bella learning tree-climbing skills.

  2. Holy cow, did you just mention my name in your blog? Wow.

    The last time I was at Longwood was for a class on Groundcovers in the fall (Aug., Sept., Oct.). I don’t think I’ll get there for the Christmas display this year. I would like to see the witch hazels in bloom in January, though!

    Your picture of the tree reminds me of those at the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford — they have the coolest natural tree ornaments for sale (along with all the Wyeths on display).

    Wayne, PA

  3. I am inspirtd – not to that level – (Unless I can purchase such lovely ornaments) But the White Pine just beyond the front door is going to get some decorating for the birds 🙂

  4. Oooh, this sounds like fun! Thanks for the idea. Of course, we’re supposed to get non-stop snow all weekend, so I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get out there and hang bird-stuff or xmas lights (my other to-do for Saturday). They might even cancel our local Christmas Bird Count, which really bums me out.

  5. many years ago a newly single mother, me, was very poor financially. my 4 year old and I made all our tree decorations from popcorn, ribbon, ‘found objects.’ my ex-had all the accumulated 10 years of decorations and was holding out on me (and his daughter). It was a simple, but beautiful tree, and we were so proud of our resourcefulness. Well, I was anyway. She was just happy to make pretty things to hang!

  6. We once strung cranberries and popcorn and hung the strings on our tree and then put it out on the deck after the Holidays. There were lots of finches, stellar jays, chickadees, juncos, and towees … none of them ate any of it!

    It was pretty though!

  7. Mary: Yeah time.


    Heather: Holy cow, yes I did!


    I know you’re near to there – and the thought of witch hazels – where are they at Longwood? Maybe I should try to get there before too long?

    Endment: I’m sure they’d appreciate any little bit!

    Delia: Did you do the xmas count? I was thinking of it, but got lazy!

    TaraDharma: I would love to see a pic of that tree – sounds very sweet and heartfelt.

    Lisa: Ha! I think the starlings and squirrels would eat anything!

    Ruth: Yes.. enough is enough.

    Rabbit’s Guy: Hmm.. doesn’t seem right – maybe there was better stuff close by?

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