On the boards today

Ocean Grove, NJ
I had the boardwalk to myself this morning and there was no one on the beach, despite the near to 60 degree temps. Just a single line of footprints interlocking with paw prints. It’s back down to near freezing tonight.

*End of weather report*


8 thoughts on “On the boards today”

  1. What a spectacular image Laura. It’s been way too balmy here too… almost 77 yesterday. But, as like there, the weekend will bring highs in the 40’s.

  2. We’ve had high temps here also and it has caused a lack of snow. We got a little dusting the other day so it looks more like it should for this time of year, but nothing like last year.

  3. Man, what I wouldn’t give to be out there with ya!

    We’re getting sleet and ice right now, mixed with rain and snow–textbook “wintry mix.” But my company NEVER shuts down, and I have no vacation time left, so here I am stuck at work. (and blogging! hee hee hee)

  4. Good report from NJ.

    Wet, Rainy, Cold! Juncos, Chickadees and a big Flicker sitting in the tree looking in my window. Wondering when I will fill the feeders!

    End of NW weather report!

    Say, have you seen the decorations on the trees along that NJ Turnpike? Is it nearby?

  5. I doubt that anyone wants to hear my weather report (same as Jayne’s basically).

    Great beach scene. You’re fortunate to be so close to it.

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