9 thoughts on “Patience”

  1. Patience hell, I’ve been patient for 22 years, and it’s time to kill something and eat it — Particularly if it is a Neocon.

    As for the Trilliums you mentioned earlier, are these the ones?

  2. First–the effect of photo and words from Emerson is quite calming.
    Second, I read the comments–and now I am laughing.
    Not bad for one post–a calm reflection and a hilarious giggle.

  3. Dr. Know: I’d be happy to find any sort of trillium, really.

    NCMountainWoman: Yep.

    Liza: lol! Patience is some sort of a virtue… I think I heard.

    Monarch: It stayed still. Thanks.

    KGMom: And I’m not responsible for either! Nice when commenters here cover for my laziness.


    Delia: If you say so…


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