Name that decoy!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love shorebird decoys?


I’ve more or less run out of room for any more of them, which is probably a good thing! There’s avocets running across the tops of bookshelves, peeps peering around the corner of the tv stand, even a great egret skulking in the living room… never mind the various duck decoys that have found a place here.

This newish one is a favorite, though. Can you recognize it?

I only wish I could convince the relatives to shop for me at decoy shows rather than wherever it is they find all that kitschy bird stuff. Anybody feel like sharing pics of bad bird stuff they been gifted? I’d bet most of us have lots of things buried and hidden in closets! Maybe we could arrange a bad-bird-kitsch swap!


10 thoughts on “Name that decoy!”

  1. That looks like a sandpiper….or something.

    I have some bad bird stuff. I think a swap would be fun. Or a really big bonfire to rid ourselves of it all!

  2. Can’t identify your decoy.
    Two of my passions are butterflies, and lighthouses. Can’t tell you how many items people have given me over the years, from little statuettes to shower curtains. And clothes! Ugh! They don’t seem to understand – If it’s lighthouses, I want ones I’ve been to. If it’s butterflies, well… just don’t overwhelm me. One is so much prettier than dozens sometimes.

  3. Moving to another state is a marvelous way to get rid of some awful bird stuff. They were all donated to worthy charities so I have no pictures, only bad-tasting memories.

    I hope the relatives aren’t offended. You do bring out the tacky things when they visit, don’t you?

  4. I was going to guess some kind of sandpiper, but I see John and Patrick have been here, so I’m guessing they’re right.

  5. Susan: You do need to work on your shorebirds some, I think.


    John: Yep. Guess what? You win the prize… all my kitschy bird crap! Where can I send it?


    Bobbie: I know, people mean well, but enough is enough!

    Patrick: You win the booby prize – whatever John won’t take!


    NCMountainWoman: You misunderstood… my relatives have perfectly good taste. It’s the taste of the DH’s relatives that’s questionable (plus they don’t read this blog!)


    Delia: Yep.

    KGMom: Yes… please do!

    Susan: Annoying isn’t it?


    Rabbit’s Guy: You’re close!

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