Found ’em!

So on Saturday I finally found those trilliums I’ve been searching the woods for…

only they were $40.00 each at the local garden shop. I had trouble deciding if I wanted one dozen of each or two.


Honestly, I’m glad to see them selling native plants, but $40 for something Luka would probably lift his leg on? Pfft! I’d rather keep searching for them in the woods.

9 thoughts on “Found ’em!”

  1. Well, the blistering 5mbps Intertube connection is, as usual, more like 22kbps, so I can’t see your pictures. But we are buried in Trilliums. $40? No way.

  2. Wow–hardly seems fair to pay that price.
    It almost encourages stealing them to get rich!
    What a shame.

  3. Liza: I wouldn’t have ever thought of eBay for plants. Thanks for the idea.

    Delia: Yeah, free is nice, if only I could find them somewhere.

    Carolyn H: There was also the neatest Jack-in-the-Pulpits – $40 also.

    Dr. Know: Buried in trilliums? Sounds awful.


    Bobbie: Hi. Didn’t recognize you there. That price is a bit much, I agree!

    Rabbit’s Guy: Right.

    Nina: I’m not sure that anyone, even in this neighborhood, would pay that much. Those who might afford it would probably choose something garrish and typical instead.

  4. $40 does seem like a pretty steep price. I would sneak off to the woods really early some weekend morning and dig up a couple plants–they’re very plentiful here!

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