Things that are good

blackpoll warblers in the neighborhood, cupcakes, singing along with the car radio, Neruda’s poems of love and the sea, a little boy entranced by the wind, walking barefoot in the grass again, just ripe avocados, a new tin of Carmex, memories, Friday lunches with Deb, sleeping with the windows open, this song, moonlit trees, black raspberry ice-cream from that little place on the way home from the beach, saying hi, peonies about to bloom, penny stamps, talking on a friend’s porch, dandelions, bookstores, bunnies and the smell of hay, people on the street who make eye contact and smile, horses at the gate as I pass by, the lines on his face, being on time for a change, the shy laughter of new friends, that first cup of coffee, friendly pondfish, seashells in the bottom of my purse, unexpected magic, long holiday weekends with an extra day off, being trusted for advice, a birthday trip to look forward to, old people who tell racy jokes, the smell of a marsh at low-tide, having just enough of everything and knowing it…

Inspired… I paid attention to the little things… somedays there are a 1,000 things that are good, other days it might help to remember days like today.

What was good for you?

7 thoughts on “Things that are good”

  1. Nudgy kisses from our bunny, my first cup of coffee for the day, an unexpected joyful hug from my daughter, a posting of good health news from a friend, a call from Art, lilac scented soft air, bits of contentment.

  2. I have 76 years’ worth of good things crowding my mind. But the first thing I thought of when you asked: the feeling of a new baby as you take him into your arms for the first time.

  3. I love your list Laura…

    I’ll add… the smell of the first gardenia blooms, watching birds feed their babies, that first sip of coffee in the morning, hearing the Phoebe as I get the morning paper, Sam’s hugs.

  4. So far today, the smell of scrapple in the frying pan before getting out of bed.

    I like that song – beautiful post.

  5. Lynne: Those are good things, too…especially that unanticipated hug.


    Bobbie: Babies… yeah. So long as they’re not too wiggly.

    Jayne: Lots of coffee-lovers among us! Gardenias won’t grow well here, but I love that scent, too.

    Rabbit’s Guy: Sounds like fun!

    The Bunns: Sounds like fun!


    Mary: Scrapple? Um… sorry, but that wouldn’t be on my list of good things.


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