Where’s the beach?

Spotted along the drive on the interstate in Pa. to visit Delia a couple months ago

The shore traffic has started already; yesterday I got caught in a traffic jam on the Parkway out to visit clients… time to revisit the backroads to the beach and avoid the carloads of city people that take over here come Memorial Day. The boardwalk shops are open, boats have been unwrapped from their plastic winter protection, storm shutters are up and awnings come down… the summer solstice isn’t until the 20th of June, but this weekend is the real start of summer at the Jersey Shore.

I’ll be out in the morning at Sandy Hook to watch over the few plover nests that remain after last week’s storm washed most of them away. Wish me luck at that and remind me to put on some sunblock.


8 thoughts on “Where’s the beach?”

  1. Yes indeed! They’re here1

    I do wish you luck on your plover Protection duty! Sorry to hear so many were washed away. I hadn’t thought of that.

  2. Have a wonderful day! I remember what shore traffic was like, sometimes very irritating, but always was a sign of summer fun.

  3. Bobbie: Do you call ’em Bennies in South Jersey, too?

    I’d heard that there were horseshoe crabs washing up in the streets of Ocean City during that storm… imagine!

    Mary: It is pretty annoying to have to account for that traffic on Fridays and Sundays. Ugh.

    NCMountainWoman: Thanks and I remembered the sunblock, tho it didn’t do me very much good.


    Dave: Ha! You’re paying attention (of course)!

    Is there any sort of water in Jersey Shore PA?

  4. Yes, it’s on the West Branch of the Susquehanna, a navigable waterway.

    Wikipedia articles on Pennsylvnaia places are often quite thorough, and the one for Jersey Shore is no exception. The section “Why ‘Jersey Shore’?” says:

    Jersey Shore was originally named Waynesburg by the two brothers, Reuben and Jeremiah Manning, who laid out the town circa 1785. Around the time that this was happening, a settlement arose on the eastern side of the West Branch Susquehanna River (Nippenose Township), opposite Waynesburg. A rivalry developed between the two settlements, and those on the eastern shore began referring to the settlement on the western shore as the “Jersey Shore,” because the Manning family had relocated from New Jersey. The nickname became so fixed that in 1826 the original name of Waynesburg was officially abandoned and changed to Jersey Shore.

  5. I’m glad Dave left an explanation here, because I’ve always wondered–where’s the Jersey? Where’s the shore? WTF?

  6. Dave: Cool, thanks.

    Delia: Yeah.. I’m glad he did, too.

    I was really tempted on that trip home to take a little detour through Shamokin (where my dad’s family is from) – maybe next time.

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