13 thoughts on “A don’t”

  1. Laugh — that would be me (although I don’t own any UGGs) because I’d have forgotten sandals or flip-flops and only have UGGs as my footwear options. Although, I’d have had the good sense to take my shoes off at the beach paid one of my correctly shod children to run the UGGs back to the car! Seriously! She’s insane and I think she really must be from LA.

  2. Monarch: Good point.


    DKM: Is that it?

    John: You are a master at understatement! Thanks for the chuckle.

    Jayne: I hate to make fun, but I think you’re probably right!

    Cedrorum: Is that typical beach fashion in LA?


    Liza: I can only imagine how uncomfortable she must’ve been! Ick – imagine the feel of sand in those sweaty things!

    NCMountainWoman: Um… yeah. There were a couple people dressed head to toe in black – normal street clothes – they looked a little out of place, too.


  3. Mary: Better than the mall at Xmastime.


    Susan: Is Britney that frumpy, yeah?

    Rabbit’s Guy: At least that’d be a well put together outfit. Eyelets and sheepskin don’t *go* together, I don’t think.

    Kev: Yeah.


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