So this is Christmas

Wow. I’m pooped.

Last year I remember being exhausted with having two days worth of relatives here at home…

This year it was the running from one house to the next that has me beat…

It was a fun day that started with our tradition (lately) of breakfast with my brothers. We started this a couple years ago so that we could spend some time together and still be able to meet other family obligations (in-laws) without being away from home for the whole day. It works pretty well, as we rotate houses each year and no one gets stuck with the chore of fixing breakfast year after year. This year it was TheReluctantChickenFarmer’s turn (my brother Kevin) and as is typical of most everything in our family, we got started about two hours behind schedule.

First we had to all play with the kid’s new toys from Santa… here’s Kev boxing with his daughter’s new Wii game. What fun!

Then, the little boys (my 48 and 46 year old brothers!) had to play with the train set under the tree…


Kevin borrowed our upside-down tree this year to see how they liked it – my madness is spreading!

I finally got the kids to settle down and pose for a pic with me. This is Kev’s daughter Elyse on the left and Bri’s daughter Julia on the right. (Freckles run rampant in our family.)

Eventually, we sat down to breakfast around 1 o’clock. There were crepes and pancakes and spiked eggnog and lots of good stories and laughter.

All that eggnog made the girls really, really silly…


We were late for dinner with the in-laws by about 2 hours… just in time for dessert, in other words. Sometimes I worry that everyone knows I do that on purpose.

12 thoughts on “So this is Christmas”

  1. Oh boy our company is gone .. they were sure fun while they lasted, but they are all glad to be back home too.

    Those were some pretty party pictures, and some young kids in the mix help keep the perspective .. at least for us!

  2. So that’s an excuse for THIS year! 🙂

    Glad you had such a nice day. After that brunch, dessert is about all you could have managed. Better to be late than let the M-I-L think you didn’t like her food.

  3. Looks like your brothers miss the good old days.-That’s a very elegant looking breakfast set-up. Glad you enjoyed the holiday.

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