Blue hydrangea with blurry kingbird

As you can see, all this time away from the blog has not improved my bird photography skills one bit.


I love having kingbirds around; they’re among my favorite summer birds. A pair has nested in the neighborhood the past two years and I waste a lot of time just imagining explanations for their funny personality quirks…

I knew their babies had fledged this past weekend based solely on the increased frenzy in their parent’s shrill, chattering cries.

I was hopeful that there’d be a snapshot like last year’s, but no.

One of the parents, scaring up bugs in the hydrangea off the porch, was my best chance at a snapshot and I missed it. Darn misbehaving camera.


5 thoughts on “Blue hydrangea with blurry kingbird”

  1. I love seeing the Kingbirds too Laura, and they are hard to capture (sort of like Phoebes) so I’d say this is a typical shot I’d get! LOL!

  2. I fully sympathize with the “misbehaving” camera. It looks like the auto focus is selecting the hydrangea as its focal point. I have not figured out how to make it NOT do that.

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