What I’m craving

change * sun-streaked hair * a warm Jersey tomato * beach, beach, beach * a Lensbaby * pure silliness * a sundress occasion * a picnic in the shade * easy laughter * floating docks * a good nap * daring in the face of reality * courage for a new plan * strength to say what i want, need and must have *grace enough to accept the fallout * a bubble bath * beach plum jelly * Luka kisses * a thunderstorm * black raspberry ice cream * blackberry pearl (please someone talk me out of buying a purplish car!!) * room in your sunshine * a book to get lost in * camel pose * honesty * ice-cold strawberries

9 thoughts on “What I’m craving”

  1. OMG Black raspberry ice cream!
    Did you know that is an East Coast thing?? My absolute childhood favorite and still is, not available in South Dakota or even maybe west of the Mississippi.
    Always have multiple cones when home to visit, and always have ceremonial cone for my Wyoming living brother-in-law, he’s a North Carolina kid and br ice cream fanatic, too.

  2. Speaking of Luka kisses–I am convinced that new dog Ziva is part lab. In spite of the assurance of her heritage being a golden retriever mother and a border collie father–I smell lab.
    She is goofy. All paws. Loppy walk. Steals kleenex, newspaper, any paper, towels, pillows.

  3. Lovely, enjoyable whimsy. I found your blog thru the link on Steve’s blog, and discovered that you were the source who identified the yellow rump warbler in my March post re the Parker Preserve. Think I also met you with Steve during the exciting discovery of Broom Crowberry in the Pigmy Pine Forest in March.

  4. Hi, Sorry, I didn’t see an email, so posting this here. You asked about Bobbie’s memorial. Would you email me at montereybound at yahoo dot com? Thanks.

    “Things I never want to do…go to Disney World…” – love it.

  5. Blackberry Raspberry Pearl Ice Cream: Perfect. Get both! It’s a cool little car and I love that color. I have some ideas for where you can park it.

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