It’s hard to appreciate in this photo, but when the sun hits it just right…

: )

So long as it gets me to work and back I’m happy, but a new car is kind of an occasion…

and this one makes me laugh when I see it…


and it reminds me not to take myself too seriously…


I christened it properly this evening with a trip to the beach and a gallon of sand.

9 thoughts on “Blackberry”

  1. Aha–a Honda. Which one? CRV?
    Purple…Blackberry? So many other purple names. Eggplant. Plum. Grape.

    Anyway, enjoy.

  2. PURPLE? You bought a PURPLE car???

    (I want one.)

    Actually I am shortly going to have a Blackberry Swirl ice cream cone and that will do – I won’t be eating it in my car though!

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