Ag Field Day

Cook College at Rutgers University has an Agriculture Field Day each year “to celebrate the unique connection between the land grant system of colleges and the communities they serve”. For me it was an excuse to take photos of cute farm animals and buy plants. I really liked the cows until one decided he wanted a taste of me and licked my arm. That was a surprise! My husband is a bit bored by my fascination with animals (honestly, I’m like a little kid and have to pet each one) – I guess because he grew up caring for horses, goats, and ducks with his parents. He was a good guy today and put up with my silliness.

It was a beautiful day and we both really should have been at home working in the garden. There’s tilling to be done and fencing to fix, but I’ve wanted to see what Ag Field Day is all about for a while. All of the animals are raised and cared for by students and today was a chance for them to show off the work they do.

The Cooperative Extension and Master Gardeners also had a display and plant sale. We got there late so most of the heirloom tomatoes were already sold out, but I did find a few Brandywine plants and some of the Rutger’s variety that are so popular. My husband was happy to buy a few of the Angel’s Trumpets that he loves so much, but are difficult to find. We grow these in large tubs most years and try to over-winter them in the basement, but have very little luck with it. Someday we’ll find a friend with a greenhouse and some spare room for my husband’s tropical plants!

8 thoughts on “Ag Field Day”

  1. Love the cow photo. I know they are farm animals, but their noses just cry out to be kissed.
    I sympathize with your animal fascination…this coming from the woman with 6 animal species in her house.
    Sounds like a fun day. Much more enjoyable than fence-fixing.

  2. Laura, I love Angel Trumpets. I have three. I have had intermittent success with wintering them in the house. They usually end up with spider mites and sometimes can be revived, sometimes not. I take clippings each fall and root them, so that if the “mamma” plant croaks, I have a starter plant for spring. They grow quite quickly. I just love the smell of them when they open their flowers at night, and they are such gorgeous showy plants.

  3. Michelle: Sorry I missed your comment. My FIL had the best luck with them, and would over-winter them for us in his sun room. He passed away and now it’s too much for my MIL. When he took care of them each winter they grew into small trees – stunningly gorgeous!

    What three do you have? My husband really, really wants a red, but we can’t find it locally.

  4. Wish I could use my sunroom to winter plants. Some I do, but that’s the bunnies’ room so I can’t put anything toxic in there, and I have to keep the plants up off the ground or they get mowed down 🙂 I have a yellow, pink, and white. I have never seen a red one. Do you have a link for a picture? Morgan’s swim team coach has his own nursery and he too loves the Angel trumpets. Perhaps I can ask him, if I get a clipping of one I could send it to you!

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