Missy is a lil’ Hot Bun!

This post back in February announced the Hot Buns 2007 Calendar Contest which benefits The Rabbit Habit . The winners were announced today and my photo of Missy won! There were a total of 36 winners (out of near to 300 entries) and the 2007 calendar will include a large feature photo and 2 smaller photos for each month. Missy will be one of the small photos for the month of January. I took this photo of her atop her cardboard castle a few years ago. I really liked the warm glow of the setting sun on her face.

I love this contest and calendar because it features many of my friends from the PetBunny List. Quite a few of us from PB are winners.

Below are pics of other PB bunnies who won this year. Congrats everybunny!

Wally (Mr. June) from Ca.

Rudy from NY

Oscar from Ca.

Mara Strawberry from Ca.

Cassidy from Tx.

Bee from Ca.

Ashy from Ca.

7 thoughts on “Missy is a lil’ Hot Bun!”

  1. Congratulations…your shot is great…Don’t it feel good to have a photo on a calande? I have done it 5 times.

  2. Congratulations! Your lil’ bunny is so so cute. I love Oscar, there, too.

    Hey, why not do a blog on vermiculture? I am very interested in your little basement production, ie. how much waste goes in vs. how much soil and liquid fertilizer out? Do you put animal poo in there? Does the worm farm have a smell?

    I’ll post mine if you’ll post yours, he he!

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