7/26/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Dutchy cuteness for those of you who have baby bunnies on the brain – not including myself in that lot! These babies were born in a shelter in California and a PetBunny member sent along a link to their “growing up” photos taken by a volunteer foster mom back in April. I saved this pic back then because I thought it was so cute!

6 thoughts on “7/26/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. Aww……!
    Every time I go into our pet store and see all the rabbits for sale, I think of you.
    I want to break into the store and rescue all of them in the dead of night, but of course the store would just buy more. Sigh.
    Any news on your new bunny with/without bun in the oven?

  2. That is totally cute, especially because my Bunny Mommy would NEVER let me that close to those sneakers. I mean, just cause I’ve eaten a few shoelaces doesn’t mean I should be banned!

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