8 thoughts on “A rainbow of blooms”

  1. Ah…summer! It’s wonderful to see life in full bloom. Whenever it gets very hot, rather than complain, I remind myself what it’s like in January.

  2. Wow, beautiful!
    And I was just thinking to myself the other day, what annuals could I plant to make a rainbow garden to amuse my little daughter, and I got stuck on blue…is that salvia annual or perennial?
    Your blog is terrific. I also loved the Sandy Hook walk with your old dog. Our old dog would have loved it too (he’s a 12 1/2 year old Golden, and more precious than real gold to me)!

  3. The salvia is an annual here – think it’s salvia guarantica. I love salvias!

    Michelle: those bushes started out as pencil-thin sticks! Sometimes I wish they were the *single* rose of sharon variety, but they don’t make as nice a hedge.

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