Rained-out rant

So. Our county fair is this week. I LOVE the fair and look forward to it all year long. We decided to go tonight because the weather forecast for the remainder of the week looks awfully hot. Plus, some friends from work were going and my co-worker’s daughter was singing in the *talent showcase*. We got there late and I missed my friend’s daughter and then this terribly rude woman behind us actually put her hands on me and pulled me down into my seat because I was blocking her view of the stage as I said hello to my friend. I was so angry I nearly spit. At her. Rudeness abounds in NJ whenever you get a bunch of us together in 90 degree heat. Add women who have been paying through the nose for singing lessons for their precious one-of-a-kind daughters and a video camera and you’re just asking for a catfight.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I always visit the 4-H bunny tent. I walk around feeling bad for all the overweight bunnies panting in the heat on wire-floored cages without a scrap of hay in front of them. Today at least some had frozen water bottles to keep cool with. I really don’t understand the point of the whole thing – the 4-H people won’t talk to any of the people streaming by, there is no educational information made available for those who are interested in learning something about rabbits. Nothing but these bunnies laying there like rag dolls. Oh and plenty of signs for bunnies for sale (when the 4-H project is over, of course). Every year I fantasize about setting up an alternative bunny display, with my bunnies in an x-pen with toys and litterboxes, so that people can get to see something other than a bunny in a cage being boring. Can anyone explain the whole 4-H philosophy to me in a way that makes sense? What exactly are they teaching kids in the small animal programs that is socially responsible? I took this pic of a French Lop for Michelle – this big boy was the only one who looked comfortable – notice the *happy feet*.

I have some more pics and ranting to do, but wonder of wonders! Blogger won’t let me load anymore pics! Why am I not surprised? Maybe Blogger’s trying to tell me that I’m too cranky tonight and should just go to bed.

The fair got rained out tonight – my husband and I stood around in the tractor tent for about an hour waiting for the rain to let up. Hopefully I can get back before the fair ends. I didn’t even get to see the pig races or the lumberjack show!

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  1. I love going to fairs as well, especially those with a strong agricultural center and our fast declining rural traditions on display. The fair eason in western New England and the mid-Hudson valley is late August, but the Barnstable County fair is on this week on Cape Cod and I haven’t been there since I was a teenager.

  2. It is startling to read that someone actually pulled you down into your seat. That is outrageous. Really too bad about those overweight and overheated bunnies, too. It would be great if you set up an alternative bunny booth. Great way to teach kids how bunnies should be treated.

  3. Laura,

    I too love the state fair and *sigh* like you, always have to look. They never have names – just a number. Oh the *Prize Winners* might occasionally but….

    I cannot understand 4-h no matter how many times it is explained to me, as you know I even have a tough time reconcilling my deep admiration and appreciation for our vet with what her *hobby* is. I am amazed at the sea of rabbits who all look perfect to me, but have varying prices based on *faults*. We have a local lady here who runs a 4-H club and they even set up a booth every Easter weekend in front of the garden store selling their wares. Last time I went up on purpose and had my handy dandy HRS shirt on, DH and daughter in tow, DH sweating bullets at what I might say. Would you believe they had the nerve to have the poem “In My Cage” printed out the last time I went. I get so danged mad – can you tell 🙂

    Hope the spay went well today for Peepers (I have been humming “Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those Peepers” all day!!!!!

    Rudeness is everywhere, why do you think I spend most of my time with my animals LOL.

  4. *Gasp* I re-read my post and it made it sound as though my vet had a sea of rabbits! SOOOOOOO not true, I was speaking of the fair, shows (been to only one out of curiosity) and 4-H’ers. Sadly often the little ND is a choice pick for their *studies* because they are so small and you can house many more in the same space you could house the bigger breeds.

  5. Michelle: Just a quick note to say the spay went okay. Peeper is a girl and there were NO babies – so it was all just an amusing act. Whew! Dodged the bullet with that one.

    Just got in after a long day with lots of driving – this vet is out in the middle of farm country. Now I’ve just got to get her eating!

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