12/28/06 Mid-week bunny fix

This explains why Santa didn’t bring any gifts for the bunnies – Boomer ate his list!

I’d been trying to get some *posed* pics of the bunnies to maybe use next year on Christmas cards and brought the Santa doll from its usual spot just outside the bunny room and placed it next to where they were lounging. For the most part they were afraid of it; then they did what all bunnies seem to do to learn about new things – they tested it with their teeth. They are very suspicious of anything new or out of place and will approach the suspect object on tippy-toe with their necks stretched out – very cute to see this survival strategy in action. Usually it’s nothing more dangerous than a misplaced dog toy, but anything smelling like the dog is enough to send them to the other side of the room with a thump.

They’d been investigating the Santa doll for a week or so during their daily forays into the living room – they still won’t hang out in there other than a quick dash behind the couch – and I had hoped they were comfortable enough with it that I might get a few cute pics. Not exactly what I had in mind, but they made me laugh, as usual.

8 thoughts on “12/28/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. Cuuuute! My bunnies are extremely suspicious too. I do love to see them *creep* up to new things to investigate.

    Merry Christmas to you and the Bunnies.

  2. They are funny & cute! Bunnies aren’t the only suspicious pets – I’ve had two dogs who acted the same way. New scatter rug in the kitchen, lawn chair appearing on the patio…same behavior.

  3. Love the pics! Buddy chewed holes in every gift bag but left the boxes alone.

    word verification: bnuqit!
    –what you say when your bn is chewing!

  4. Absolutely adorable pictures. Our bunny loved our dog. They were best buddies, but I think it was because they were raised together.

  5. Bunnygirl: Raisins would probably improve the cooperation level!

    Some of the bunny people that I exchange Xmas cards with have multiple bunnies and cats and dogs and they’re able to take beautiful posed pics with all the animals lined up and NOT trying to eat one another. Wonder how they do that when I can’t two of mine to *pose* unless they’re half asleep.

    Michelle: Happy Christmas to you and yours too!

    Not all of mine are so timid. Little Freckles will roam around and isn’t afraid of a thing?!

    Mary: Really? I thought for sure it was a bunny thing.

    I read somewhere that as prey animals rabbits have an *escape route* mapped out in their minds and figured changing the furniture or anything else messed with their maps.

    dguzman: You know how bunnies can be!

    Lynne: Oh no. None of mine got anywhere near the tree, but it’s in the scary living room where the dog sleeps.

    FC: There is nothing cuter than a Lab puppy.

    Laurie: Thanks – I think they’re adorable! Each of the bunnies here has a different reaction with the dog. The brave bunnies tend to make the dog nervous if they get too close to him, but we did a lot a training with him to get him to be gentle. I think he’s afraid of hurting them by accident.

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