Early summer vacation

Well, the cat’s out the bag and I can finally share the good news – I got that promotion at work that I’d put in for a while back! There’ll be a nice little raise and some new scenery. I’ll be working in a different title and with greater and more varied responsibilities. But first, I have to go through a 90-day training period and pass a few tests (this is civil service, after all).

One downside to the training period is that I can’t take a minute off from work for the next three months. Instead I’m taking an early summer vacation that starts tomorrow! I’m thrilled, mostly because the weather is supposed to be nice and I never ever take a week off at this time of year. Usually I like to take a day here and there during the summer, and if needed for vet appointments and such, and then take near to my whole number of vacation days at the end of the year when it’s a matter of *use them or lose them*. So this will be a treat!

I’ll go back after Memorial Day for 3 days to finish up with pending cases and pack up my things. I won’t have a desk for a while, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with all the stuff I’ve managed to accumulate in my cubicle over the last few years.

I’m excited with the new position, but a bit nervous because I imagine it will be very different from what I do now. I’ve been working as a caseworker for the NJ Medicaid program for more than 10 years; now I’ll be working as a social worker. To begin with, I’ll be assigned to a unit that is responsible for the placement of homeless families; later there will be the chance to work with the elderly or the disabled or to become involved with any number of social service programs. There’ll be more client contact than I have now and more interaction with the Latino community because of my Spanish-speaking abilities. I’m particularly excited about that because I really enjoy the face-to-face time; my job now is too much about filling out forms and getting paperwork off my desk as fast as possible. There will be challenges, I’m sure, but I look forward to the opportunity to grow some.

Anyway, I have a whole week of unsupervised time ahead of me and I can’t decide what to do first! That’s a wonderful feeling, too.

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  1. Laura! Congratulations! This sounds like such a perfect fit for you. I love it when things work out for nice people.

    You are such a caring person and I’m thinking how lucky the families and individuals whose lives you’ll touch.

    Enjoy your well-deserved time off. I’ll bet you’ll soon come up with a few ideas of things to do :0)

  2. Thanks, Cathy!

    I’ll have to also resist the urge to sleep ’til noon each day!

    Deb: You are such a lurker! I’ll miss you, but we hardly get the chance to work together, really. You’re too busy all the time! Maybe this way will be easier for *us* as friends – none of the other crap will be in the middle, right?

    At least you won’t have me bugging you with questions…

    Do me a favor and don’t bog me down with new cases while I’m away, okay?


  3. Laura–wooo hooooo. Great for you & congrats all over.
    Enjoy your early summer vacation (it is glorious weather right now).
    I hope your new job leaves you time to blog! And keep us informed about the new bunny and how she is adapting.

  4. Dear Laura, as I read your post, I had a smile wide on my face. They must be doing something right to offer you the job! You GO!

    It’s a change you will love. Your talent lies in COMMUNICATING, don’t ya know???

    Enjoy your time off – giddy with adventure for a while.

    I am so damned happy for you.

  5. Congrats on the new job and you will do well! I agree with enjoying your time off and this is a perfect time for doing so!

    I’m happy for you. You are such a kind person, it’s great to see when good things come to good folks. I hope you’ll share your vacation adventures.

    BTW- What’s her name? Is it going well?

  7. May I say, “Whoot!”
    And “YAA. HOO!”

    I thought that since you hadn’t mentioned it, the promotion had fell through.
    Go with your bad self!
    The country needs people like you, helping those who desperately need it.
    Proud of you!!!!!!
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  8. KGMom: Thanks, will do!

    Mary: Thank you! The time off will be nice, and I’m sure it will go way too fast!

    Monarch: Yes – there’s still plenty of spring bewds I’ve yet to greet!

    Susan: Hi! Thanks for the well-wishes – the vacation is a bonus!

    Thanks, John!

    Lynne: Thanks, I’m happy about it, but almost afraid to say so.

    It is going well, I guess. So far, I’m calling her “Sunshine” which feels like a good fit. I wanted a flower name for my next bunny, but haven’t come up with one to fit. Anyway, it’s nice to say, “Hello Sunshine” and see her perk up.

    Boomer and she had their first *face-to-face* meeting last night. Boomer slept through most of it, so I guess that’s a good sign!


    DKM: Thanks!

    SGN: I will enjoy it – thank you!

  9. Hurray! Hurray! Congrats! I hope your new job is a joyful challenge. Oh, I know there will be lots of hard work and heartache but I hope there is a lot of joy in it too.

  10. Congratulations Laura! That’s so great that you will be in a position to help so many people face to face. I can imagine it will be so very rewarding. And… does that mean you are fully out of the either 30 or 90 degree office??? Yehawwww! ;c)

  11. Congratulations–there will definitely be challenges, but don’t let them deter you. Way to go!

    Hope you’ll still be able to post regularly or we’d all miss you!

  12. Sounds like a very rewarding job. I imagine you to be more of a people person than a desk person. A second language is such an asset. Best wishes!

  13. Laura I’m tickled pink for you for your promotion and for the first time hearing about your career. I’m sure you will be so much more fulfilled helping people.
    Congratulations! Enjoy your week off, I hope you get to spend a lot of time enjoying life and recharging your battery.
    Congratulations on Sunshine! She’s a doll!

  14. yay, Laura! You’ve redirected your work life to come into alignment with your strengths and abilities — and your passion. The training period will fly by, I’m sure, but that’s daunting to have 3 mos. without a minute off. I can’t imagine how a social worker keeps from over-identifying with her clients, and how you keep sane given the overwhelming need out there. Here’s to ya.

    Gorgeous photograph, btw.

  15. It gives one hope to know someone as intelligent and sensitive as you will be helping people who are truly in need.

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