Watch where you step

Yesterday while in the woods enjoying these…

I looked up and saw this…

My little brookside haunt is just full of surprises! I’m used to fossil-hunters in waders finding me with my face in the foliage trying to photograph some odd flower, but this was the first time I’ve been surprised by a horse and rider.

The flower is Star of Bethlehem, which is one of my all time favorites. It grows like the weed it is in my mother-in-laws lawn, yet any that I’ve attempted to transplant here are never seen again.

9 thoughts on “Watch where you step”

  1. LOL! Yes, watch where you step!

    What a great surprise to see a horse and rider. Something to remember :o)

  2. so many wonderful things to see! How can I look up for the birds, ahead for the butterflies and down for the flowers? One step at a time!

  3. I’m with Mon@arch–there’s just so much to see! I end up not even walking sometimes–just kinda crawling/stepping/standing.

  4. Your nature walks produce startling contrasts. Star of Bethlehem and a horses rear end! You’re a hoot ;0D

    Apparently that pretty little plant never existed in Ohio or has been extirpated or I’ve stepped on it while hunting for morel mushrooms.

  5. You surprised me. Before the photos came up, I was expecting to see a snake. We would be more apt to run into a moose in our woods!

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