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I’m in this really wonderful place right now – totally immersed in a book that I can’t put down. Don’t you just love when that happens? I’m little more than halfway through Jane Smiley’s Horse Heaven and already I’m trying to stretch it out and make it last a little longer. I’m tempted to read at every spare moment, but at the same time, I want to savor it before it ends. This is the first of Smiley’s books that I’ve become engaged with, not for lack of trying. I think it must be just the topic that is really interesting to me right now.

I tend to be a little obsessive/compulsive with my reading habits, in that I get hooked on a topic and read anything and everything I can find. The current horsey interest started with a memoir I picked up on the bargain rack, Chosen By A Horse and then the current issue of Vanity Fair had an article about Barbaro which led me to this book. I’m afraid there may be horseriding lessons in my future or a weekend job mucking stalls at the track down the street. Somebody save me, please!

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  1. I miss being really in to a book.-It’s been quite some time.I’ve only read non-fiction for the past 10 years.-Glad you’re enjoying it!
    Nothing wrong with riding horses.

  2. Laura, Barbaro captured me, too. Savor that book and make it last. There have been a few books that I didn’t want to end. Great feeling, isn’t it?

    I had friends who owned horses and they would let me groom and visit. Riding for me wasn’t successful but with lessons, I would have enjoyed them. Visit a barn and see how much work it takes. You’ll be surprised.

  3. Lessons would be great – I have ridden a bit at friends’ ranches but we just “got on and held tight”!Loved it although intimidating.

  4. I’ve never been easily enraptured by Jane Smiley, either, but I never completely outgrew my ‘tween love of horses. I’ll have to give that book a try!

  5. Oh, girl the ‘horse bug’ got you. You are gone.
    Guess I will look for the smiley book at the library.
    When I find a new interest. That is what I do too. Dive headfirst in the deep end.

  6. Here’s my trick Laurie – I just started reading The Maytrees a second time.

    Who can fault you for being smitten with these beautiful, patient creatures?

  7. no saving necessary! take those riding lessons! what fun!

    I also read the VF article — it reminded me of a year-long battle to save a horse friend of mine after he foundered. We eventually had to admit he was never going to get better and it was time to let him go….

    Now my stepdaughter rides and I get to be around horses again…I love them!

  8. I think I will try this book as well as it looks good. I was drawn to your post by the lovely horse picture on top. There is always something calm and accepting about horses to me.

  9. I have not read this one by Smiley, but I loved A Thousand Acres.
    I got my Vanity Fair, but haven’t read the Barbaro story yet.
    My horse obsession was Secretariat. Every now and then, I go to YouTube and rewatch the Belmont race. That is so thrilling.
    I assume you read Seabiscuit?

  10. Sorry, but there’s no saving you once you’ve got the “horse bug.” I’m horse-less at the moment, but I’ve had them on and off since I was in high school. Nope, there’s no hope for you now. Might as well just sign up for those lessons, or hit the nearest barn and see if they need some help. Ha! And you thought it would end with bunnies….

  11. I agree with the other comments about the horse bug! My husband and younger daughter have it bad. Give in & enjoy it!

    Mostly I just wanted to thank you for the link to the Barbaro article. It’s wonderful.

  12. I liked Thousand Acres, but only barely. I haven’t read much fiction either (like Larry) for the past ten or eleven years, but I get engrossed in the non-fiction I read. Must be the English major in me.

    I’m intimidated by horses–too big!

  13. Don’t look at me. I’m the wrong person to ask as I’ve been horse-addicted since I was a kid. My last horse died in 1999, and I have not bought another yet, but sometimes I miss having a horse around the farm. If I were you, I’d go and take a few riding lessons. It’s wonderful exercise and a fun outdoors thing to do.

  14. Hey Laura…do they have horseback riding anywhere around Cape May? Wouldn’t that be fun? I have a interesting mental image of Mary hanging off a horse and all of us laughing hysterically and not helping her.

  15. I just read Chosen By A Horse. Picked it up on the remainder table at Borders. I wonder if I subconsciously remembered you mentioned it here?

    Was a good book.

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