7/19/07 Mid-week bunny fix

I haven’t been very good about regular bunny fixes lately, but that’s only because I haven’t taken any nice ones lately to show off. This one of Sunshine and Boomer is from almost 2 months ago already; I like it because of the way Boomer is spooning around Sunshine and it’s sort of hard to tell where one bunny ends and the other begins! The love goes on…

Truth be told, it makes me sad to be taking pics of Boomer and some other girl bunny. We miss Cricket and our familiar routines. I miss seeing the easy way they had with each other. Boomer misses his perfect pillow and ear-washer.

Sunshine is a sweet girl and they’re getting along well, but in limited doses. Boomer is alone all day and overnight because I’m not ready to trust them together unsupervised. I imagine it will take me a while to get over that fight they had enough so that I’ll let them be together they way they seem to want to be. They make a bee-line to each other in the morning when I let them together for a bit before work. It’s the same in the evening when I get home and they lounge and eat salad and hay together until bedtime. Then I separate them for the night which feels cruel. But they’re safe that way, at least, from any odd mood that might strike them to have an argument in the dark.

Enough of that. I had wanted to post a video here last week, but for a few hours of trying I wasn’t able to get it to cooperate. Maybe there’s some problem with the video itself that prevents it from uploading. Anyway, click on the link and enjoy some bunny antics. These aren’t my bunnies, but they could be, as silly as they are.

Click here and smile!

10 thoughts on “7/19/07 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. What a sweet picture! Of course you’re not over Cricket, though. It’s scary the hole a furry buddy can leave in our hearts. 🙁

  2. Laura, that’s the cutest video. I watched it here at the office and I know people were wondering, “what’s so funny?” The black & white one reminds me of Bella.

    Mixed feelings of Sunshine & Cricket… I understand.

    Hey, when we brought Bella home at 3 mos. of age, she was crated all day or while we were away. At night, too. I couldn’t trust her potty control and anything else two Bostons can do.

  3. Hi Laura,
    Your bunnies are so pretty. Do you think they will ever get along better?

    That bunny video was so funny. It reminded me of this morning early when I got up, I put the light on in the basement (we have a walkout) and it scared a bunny outside under the bird feeder–it jumped about 2 feet vertically into the air. How do they do that??

  4. What a sweet pic.
    Maybe that first fight was because they were testing each other, seeing who was who, and what was what.

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