It’s been a long week and I’m feeling about as beat up as this cormorant looks. I didn’t have a normal lunch hour even one day this week and the weather’s been crummy and hot or rainy so that after work I haven’t been able or willing to spend very much time outside. All work and no play makes Laura pretty cranky!

I’m halfway through my training period with the new job and had mid-point evaluations today. I’m doing fine, but of course there’s always some area that *needs improvement*. Uggghh. Why doesn’t it get any easier to take criticism as I get older?

At any rate, I’m looking forward to the end of August when I’ll be finished and will either have the job or not. I’m looking forward to being able to take a day off. Just today my husband played hookey and went crabbing without me. Bum! I’m trying to find the energy and inspiration to do something fun this weekend besides clean the house and catch up with laundry. I may just sleep away the whole weekend if I’m not careful. Anyone have something fun planned?

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  1. Laura, I’m sure you are an excellent employee and very conscientious about doing your best. I think if you didn’t care it wouldn’t bother you so much when someone mentions an area that “needs improvement.”

    I had my review a couple weeks ago and was rated all 4’s out of possible 5’s and the only thing I really wanted to know was whether it was possible to get a 5.

    I hope you continue to focus on what you’re doing well and I’m sure the rest will improve also–and remember you’re still really new to this job. 🙂

  2. I find it easy (sort of) to take criticism if the person giving it REALLY knows what she is talking about. I had a boss once who kept putting off my review, then gave me a so so review. So I protested–and wrote it down and signed it.
    As for fun weekend plans–going to an annual picnic with some friends. But my husband is working ALL weekend–that’s not fun.

  3. Awww, Laura. I know how you feel. After 15 years in the same job, I had to leave and find another. A new one in DE and a new one in NC – all in three years. I disliked both of them in the beginning because change is exhausting even when you are good and competent. DO sleep as much as you can. You need it during training and testing of your talents. Good days are ahead for you. Been there :o)
    Sleep is good.

  4. Oh, I forgot my weekend plans. Vacumm. Clean a bathroom. Play and work in the yard. We had a nice crabcake dinner at the clubhouse tonight. Take Chloe to the vet for a shot. Take a nap or two. Buy more flowers (it’s been raining lately). Color my roots.

  5. I’m still not sure. I only get to see my girls on Saturdays because they are both working at camp all summer. So hopefully… Although, their dad did take them to get the latest Harry Potter… Em’s been up for 45 minutes and she hasn’t come downstairs yet… Hmm….

  6. I feel the same way you do, Laura. I slept in late this morning (late for me) and really would like to make it to a state park today since it’s perfect weather, but have so many obligations to take care of first.

  7. Oh, and you’ll get that job. I was told by an ex-manager once that they *have* to find an area for improvement because nobody is perfect. Blech, huh!

  8. I’m going to spend tomorrow pulling rockweed from the breakwater off my Gran’s place on Buzzards Bay for a late afternoon clambake on the beach. The fire will be lit at 2:00 p.m., and the layers of the bake get laid down about 5:00. Wish I had some of your blue crabs to add to the lobsters and steamers, but it will be mighty fine anyway.

  9. I used to go Blue Crabbing and make Spaghetti Crab Sauce-Haven’t done it for many years though-If it feels like criticism then it isn’t being done right.

  10. New jobs make me feel like I am climbing a vertical wall…no gentle learning curves these days. But change is good and I know you will rise to the challenge and excel!

  11. Ruthie: Thanks for the encouragement! I’m sure I’ll do fine, just wish I were done already!

    KGMom: Yes – that’s an excellent point. Otherwise the criticism doesn’t mean much!

    Mary: I slept till 12:30 today – what a bum I am!

    I don’t like feeling like I don’t have a clue and don’t like going to others for help, but I’m getting used to it!

    Silverlight: NASCAR, really? Well, enjoy!

    Jennifer: Yes – you have me figured out!

    Naturewoman: Yes – it’s important to get out and do something on the weekend!

    I understand about the need to find something *wrong* so that I have room to improve. Still smarts, though.

    Tim: That sounds just wonderful! My DH said the crabs were slow Friday – just a bushel for the day.


    Larry: Are you Italian? A co-worker of my husband’s made us some of that sauce last summer – nice for a change of pace! I only ever have a seafood *gravy* at my Italian SIL’s on Christmas Eve. Yummy!

    Ruth: Thanks, I hope so!

    FC: We are slovenly and hired a friend to paint our screenhouse this summer. My husband just hates painting and I’ll be glad to see it actually get finished. You know how husbands can be about finishing things.


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