Life is good

Yes, it’s soon, but really I’m surprised we lasted the few days we did. I found my husband surfing the SPCA websites this morning and that was that. We hadn’t spoke of it yet, but I guess we were both thinking the same thing: the house is lonely, it’s too quiet when we come in with no one to greet us, the bag of dog food is going to waste in the closet, etc. (insert other lame excuses).

So now there’s this puppy. Crying and mouthing and being utterly adorable. I’m not looking forward to the next few nights; his first away from his parents and littermates. But the house didn’t feel right without a dog. We’re taking the easy way out of our mourning for Buddy, I know. There is no distraction from sadness like a puppy. We do what we have to to heal a broken heart.

I apologize for being away for a few days, but I didn’t have anything to say that wasn’t pathetic. I appreciate your concern and the love you sent our way. Thank you.

Life is good with a lab pup at your heels.

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  1. Good for you Laura! Even though you’ll never be able to replace Buddy, a new pup will help ease the sadness. Looking forward to more puppy pictures!

  2. You’re not taking the easy way out. You’re honoring Buddy’s memory by giving love and a happy home to someone who might not have otherwise gotten one.

    Congrats on your new addition!

  3. I read your post and said out loud, “Good for you, Laura!” and then laughed when I saw that RuthieJ said the same thing. Enjoy the sleep deprived nights ahead, and the chewed shoes in your future. Puppy love!

    Wayne, PA

  4. Awwww… what a cutie pie! Indeed, Buddy’s memory is honored by spreading all your love towards another sweet one. :c)

  5. I agree, you two didn’t take the easy way out. I think most of us do the same thing when one of our family pets pass on. To me it’s a natural transgression. And thanks for saving the new pup, I’m sure he’s greatful.

  6. Yay! I’m so happy you went with your heart. A puppy will keep Buddy’s presence alive and even though you might not sleep much for a few days, they’re WORTH IT.

    Let us know the pup’s name, and like Susan said, “more pictures, please!” Yay again!

  7. Congratulations! My former lab owner/breeder/lover heart is aching at the thought of the puppy breath, the noises they make (grunt, grunt), and all the fun you are going to have with your new baby! Good for you. I don’t think there is ANY dishonor toward Buddy in getting another pup quickly. Enjoy! And, keep us posted!(PIctures! Pictures! Pictures!)

  8. He’s adorable – how could you not take him home with you?

    I know there are two schools of thought on getting another pet when you’ve just lost one. But it’s your decision, and I would have done exactly what you did. Besides, this little one gets a new home, lots of love, and a good life. As we say, what’s not to like?

  9. It is soo cute and can’t wait to see so many wonderful photographes of this cute little pup lab! They are lots of work and I know we will see many different angles of this pup here on your blog!

  10. Oh my–having a lab puppy is NOT taking the easy way out at all. It is certainly sharing love with a puppy who needed a home, but it is also brave! Lab puppies–they chew everything. And they are more lovable than almost anything!
    Looking forward to stories and pics of the new pup.

  11. Good for you and your DH!! Pix pleeeze! If it felt like the right thing to do, then it WAS the right thing to do.

  12. Bless you! Bless you – you dear people! Much happiness to you all. My heart was filled with tender memories as you reminded my of the first nights with a new puppy.

    This is a celebration of Buddy’s life as it continues the joy he brought to your home and lives.

  13. There’s nothing like helping to relieve that empty feeling when you’ve lost a pet than to fill your home with a new pet. We did not replace our Kody since my son is living with us and he has two dogs – and believe me, they have helped bring joy in our home. They are not replacing Kody, but their presence helps make new and happy memories. May you and your family have lots of happy memories with your new family member.

  14. Laura,

    It may be soon, but the new pup will do you good. A while back, a friend needed a home for a Maine coon cat his wife thought they’d gotten “too soon” after a cat of theirs died. I agreed to take him and never told them that my own Maine coon had just died. I figured it was meant to be. Ben has been with me for several years now, and I’ve never regretted getting him “too soon.”

    Carolyn H.

  15. Oh he’s a sweetie! He won’t replace Buddy, he’ll help you remember and honor his memory. More pictures please.

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