29 thoughts on “Say, “Awww…””

  1. Before I even read your title–I blurted out AWWWW. Then clicked to enlarge the photo & show my husband. His comment–that puppy needed a home; you can just see it in his eyes.

  2. LUKA!!!! Awwww. Luka loves you mucha. Puppy breath, snores, snuggle some more… I think I have puppeh feeva.

    Lucky Luka.

    We’ll need more pics, Dear Laura :o)

  3. KGMom: He does have a very serious look to him mostly. Like the weight of the world is on his little shoulders.

    Lynne: I’m smitten, mostly. Not so much when he shrieks at me for attention though. Boy he’s got excellent lungs!

    Our house is just one level. Last night we tried keeping him in a little crate in the bedroom with us and he just cried and cried. I ended up sleeping on the floor with him for a few hours just to keep him quiet. I don’t have the heart (or the patience) for crate training.

    I’m a nervous wreck about tomorrow when we both have to go to work and little Luka will be alone. We closed up the windows and turned on the AC to drown out some of the noise he will undoubtedly be making all day long. Poor thing – he misses his mama.

  4. Susan- neener neener!!
    Laura- Remember the song?

    “My name is Luka,
    I live on the second floor.
    I live upstairs from you…”

    sung by Suzanne Vega?

    Poor lonesome baby. But Golly he sure is cute. Are you ready for the sleep deprivation?

    Sorry about the song thing. 🙂

  5. Too sweet. I can’t say I would be HAPPY to be up at 3AM with you, Luka but I’d do it. 🙂 I used to be so good at taking puppies out to pee at 3AM that I could do it — including giving them trigger words and praising their success — without really waking up. 🙂

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwmygod!!! i feel all giddy inside just looking at this beautiful baby pup! 🙂 i am totally in puppy love. seriously smitten. what a cutie.

    gosh. i just can’t get over those eyes. 🙂

  7. Would he be allowed to snuggle up in bed with Mommy and Daddy:) He is just so sweet. What a beautiful face!He looks like he’s about to say something very serious.

  8. Luka is a great name for that sweet-face pup. You’re so kind for getting down there and sleeping with him for a while. He’s going to love you so much.

  9. He’s adorable! We had to put my chocolate lab down in November. She was 13. Arthritis finally got to her, and her back legs just gave out. I know what you mean by the house being so empty. We’re trying to make a decision now as to when and what kind.
    Luka is a real winner!!

  10. oh, Luka is indeed a sweetie pie. And while I don’t like the puppy stage in terms of nighttime, they are like our human babies in that they are so adorable that your middle of the night grouchiness melts away. I think it’s great you found this sweet fellow to follow in the footsteps of dear Buddy. Like Buddy, you are giving another fella a great lil’ life!

  11. Congrats on your new additon… I love the name – Luka.

    He is precious and his eyes are so soulful – yes, I would stay up to snuggle him and yes, you may have some early evenings to bed for awhile – yet, all so worth it.

    An pet’s love is a most precious gift.

    My deepest sympathy on the loss of Buddy.


  12. Luka is so precious! What a cute face he has. I’ll bet you won’t spend too many nights up with him..he’ll soon realize he’s surrounded by love in a loving home.

    Can’t wait to hear how he made out while you were at work today. Hope all is OK.

  13. Oh, what a sweet, furry face! I listened to our first 2 puppies cry all night from their crate and when we got the third one, she just came to bed with us from night 1, since she was eventually going to be there anyway.

    Enjoy your new puppy.

  14. I’m often up that early anyway… Send him over my way and I’ll get him through is won’t-sleep-through-the-night puppy days! (But you’ll miss all the cute I’m-a-puppy tricks… are you sure?…)

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