Crabby day

We tried out a few new crabbing spots on the Navesink River yesterday, but this one was my favorite because it has such a nice view. We were there at a bad time in terms of the tide, as this little creek leads into a quiet cove. Due to some crabby logic that I don’t understand, a cove like this should be best when the tide is coming in. We spent very little time actually crabbing, more time moving from one bridge to the next. The first new place we tried became crowded with other crabbers early in the day and wasn’t very safe as it’s along a busy road. Then we drove to the other side of the river to this scenic spot, but the tide was going out by then and we only stayed an hour or so.
We caught a few crabs, but nothing to brag over. Well, except for my nephew – he was thrilled with anything that was big enough to keep and show off! His older brother came along with us. He’s going away to forestry school at the University of Montana in a few weeks – he wants to be a smokejumper by next summer. I’m so proud of him for going to school and being a good kid.
Little Luka came along on our crabbing adventure and was pretty cranky after a few hours without a nap. Finally he just crashed on the sidewalk of the bridge while we worked around him. We wore him out good yesterday so that he slept through the night last night – straight through til 5 am – thank heavens!

13 thoughts on “Crabby day”

  1. A pooped pup! Look at that chubby little belly- cute!
    So crabbing, do you catch them like we catch fish? I honestly haven’t a clue.

  2. We crabbed for Blue Crabs of Maryland a few years ago–are yours the same? Chicken necks? (or do you keep your secret a secret?)

  3. isn’t it funny how little puppies are just like little babies–crabbiness and all!

    your trip sounds interesting. i know nothing about crabbing other than what i learned on an episode of “dirty jobs.” ha! :)-

  4. LOL… crabby puppy crabbing! Bless his sweet heart. Glad he slept through the night. What a sweet photo of your proud nephew. :c)

  5. Your nephew is sweet, holding my favorite food. Do you steam them?

    There’s nothing better than a tired puppy. Moms need a break :o)

  6. Luka and your nephew tie for The Cutest.

    That first photo is gorgeous.

    Wow. A smokejumper. Wow. I’d be proud, too. That takes a lot of courage and stamina.

  7. I can’t stand shellfish of any kind, but it would be fun to go catch some.
    And look at poor, whipped Luka! Making that puppy miss his nap??????
    Someone call the Pup Police.
    He is so cute, Laura. How do you stand it?

  8. Oh you are making me want to go crabbing Laura. Can I borrow Luka and your little nephew to take along when I go?
    They are both so cute!

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