Summer shade

If you need a break from puppy antics, be sure to stop by Via Negativa for this month’s Festival of the Trees. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot August afternoon than the respite found under the canopy of a great tree, like the shade of these weeping hemlocks in the rockery at Deep Cut Gardens.

Dave’s got lovely katydid pics to accompany his post and I can hear their scritching outside the open window now; a sort of late summer lullaby. If only that cricket hidden away somewhere in the house wouldn’t insist on piping up now and again.

6 thoughts on “Summer shade”

  1. We have a cricket in our office right now and he’s driving one of my co-workers nuts. I think it’s kind of cute myself, but I’m not sure I’d want to hear it in my own house.

  2. What a great site Laura. Thanks for the link. Stay cool…it’s so humid here I can’t believe it. (or maybe I can).

  3. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed it.
    I love crickets at night — OUTSIDE! I also love katydids. It’s a comforting sound, somehow.

  4. I am one who loves the heat but this has been the worse for sure! Ugg! Find the shade and you might find me right now! Makes it hard to be outside enjoying everything!

  5. Right before I got married, I lived in this little cottage, and there were holes in the closet where crickets would come in. The big, shiny black ones. IT MADE ME NUTS. Creeeeeee-kit…..creeeeeee-kit……………
    I wish it were cool enough to open the windows. But the humidity is always waiting around the corner to jump us when we open the door.

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