Dear Jayne led me to this bit of hilarity and I thought I’d share the results with you. The idea is to upload a pic of yourself and see the yearbook photo that might’ve been had you come of age in a different decade.

1950: Oh my god… I’m my mother.

1966: Meh. I can just imagine the gallons of hairspray that made this possible.

1974: Yes! The Marsha Brady hair I always wanted!

1980: Not a good look for me.

1996: Meh again. This is pretty much the cut I wear now, but for all the unruly curls.

Please note that I’ve left out anything too embarrassing or which too closely resembles some past reality… mostly those really bad 80’s mall looks. If I were really courageous I’d post my real yearbook pic from 1988.


Not gonna happen!

Why not give it a try at Yearbook Yourself and share on your own blog? I won’t laugh too loudly… I promise!

13 thoughts on “Yearbooked”

  1. OK–I have seen the past–and it ain’t pretty.
    Actually, the funniest thing is the 1974 looked EXACTLY the way I looked then! Whew. So nice to know I haven’t really changed in 34 years.

  2. I’m afraid to try my own. Coincidentally, my youngest (now 39) just asked me to mail her year book to her, and I looked through it first. Even she looked very strange in her year book picture. They all did. Especially the boys.And that was 86.

  3. Okay, now I am going to have to give it a shot! You actually look really good in the 50’s pic and I agree about the last one being a hottie shot! HA

  4. You can’t hide those 80’s photos from me. I have seen them and own a couple. They remind me of a bad Guns and Roses video. People are like cheese. They get better with age. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

  5. Mary: Please join the fun!

    Susan: Excuses!



    Bobbie: You’re right… most yearbook pics are awful.. tho the recent ones I’ve seen are much improved, I think. Much more natural and less hokey looking.

    Kallen: Thanks… but it’s like I’m looking my mother in the eye – weird!

    Jayne: Yeah.. thanks. It was fun – you seem to find the best sites!

    NCMountainWoman: Exactly. Funny how tastes change.

    ReluctantChickenFarmer: Yeah. Guns and Roses about sums it up. Awful. Why didn’t you ever tell me my hair looked so ratty?

    I have a particular prom pic of you in a peach suit that I’d love an excuse to share here.


  6. The 1950 version is like-Let’s break out the Betty Crocker Cookbook right away! The 96 version is the nicest look. The Marsha Brady hairdo would be next on the list.
    -I’ve enjoyed seeing these posted on different sites. It’s entertaining in a strange sort of way.

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