My sour gum

This little tree has only been here for a little over a year now and it doesn’t seem to have grown at all, but that’s the way with trees. I think we pay them lots of attention when they’re first planted and then forget them. All at once they’re taller than us and thick-trunked and a proper tree.

I was glad to see some of the nice fall color that sour gums are known for… though I waited too long to get a pic of it. If I remember right, last fall the leaves never showed much change in color before they dropped. It was nice to see a hint of red out there, finally.

4 thoughts on “My sour gum”

  1. There is a mature sweet gum near where we live, and it has the most lovely leaves in fall. Such an array of color.
    We planted a hawthorne this spring, and it seems not to have grown. But, it did take root. Last year we tried a tricolor beech and failed. So I watered my new hawthorne very carefully. It now has no leaves, but lots of bright red berries. In the spring it will have white blossoms. And all season tree.

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