13 thoughts on “Saturday morning snuggles”

  1. That looks cozy! Lately Cadbury has been using me as a pillow, of sorts. He jumps up into my computer chair with me and won’t be dissuaded from making himself comfortable anywhere else. Once a bunny gets a notion, it’s over.

  2. One of my bunnies, Thistle, has the run of the house all of the time. Often in the middle of the night Thistle will jump on the bed and nibble on my ear. If I don’t wake up he will CHOMP on my ear. And then it’s “Pet me NOW!” He snuggles next to me and I must pet him for the next ten minutes or so before I can fall back to sleep. Cute!

  3. Awww…

    We had a 1 AM rabbit chase here this morning; Calvin had a friend over, and they had Cedar the bunny out, and forgot to put him back in the cage before they fell asleep. The Hermit tried to catch the wayward rabbit under the futon, but he said it was growling and trying to bite him. Mr. Attitude finally saved the day, fearlessly braving the vicious bunny.

  4. What quirks our bunnies have??? Bawahahahaha

    You name it, they got it! They are rabbits.

    Really weird is how one somtimes sits and stares at the wall for long times. Racer won’t eat salad downstairs nor oats and pellets upstairs in his condo!

  5. Bunnygirl: I wish one of my bunnies would pester me so! Boomer will, sometimes, but only when I’m sitting on the floor.

    Lynne: 😉 They are pretty big, yeah.

    Forest Green: Hi! Thistle (great name!) sounds like a sweetie. Bunnies really *come into their own* when they have free run… I used to have a Flemmie that visited me in hed, but there was no chomping of ears… thank god!

    NCMountainWoman: Sweet, no?

    KGMom: But… those big ears must make you almost want one!

    Deb: Ha! Bunny antics… glad to hear the kids are enjoying them so.

    Mary: Yeah. 🙂

    Susan: Really? Mine just demand bigger carrots.

    Rabbit’s Guy: Exactly… most people don’t realize how quirky and fun they are. I’ve seen the staring at the wall thing (Freckles does that a lot) plus the big bunnies have funny things they do cause they have run of their sun porch.

  6. My two are quirky too. If one starts drinking the other has to drink at the same time. They don’t seem to be able to do it alone!

  7. Found your blog randomly and love all the bunny info!

    I work with a rescue in S. Jersey and it’s WONDERFUL to see accurate info about buns on the web.

    I also work on an online women’s mag and have wanted to do a story about how wonderful rabbits are as pets and how to PROPERLY care for them. Maybe you’d be interested…?

    drop me a line… sara@lucy-mag.com

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