I’m such a book dork

The people at Barnes and Noble must love me. I think they dig out the oldest and least-likely-to-sell books and pile them up in a pretty seasonal display in some far off corner of the store just hoping for someone like me to wander by. I zoom past the popular fiction-of-the-moment and go right for the dorky nature books.

This little book is my latest find and it’s been getting a fair amount of use for the last week or so. It has nice pics of leaves, berries, and nuts to help me know what I’m seeing out in the woods. I’m not very good with trees and thought the fall color or seeds of certain trees might give away their identity more easily now than in the summer when everything is just so much green.

9 thoughts on “I’m such a book dork”

  1. There are so many worse things to be than a book dork.
    In fact, book dorks of the world, unite–has a ring to it.
    Count me in.

  2. I’m the DORK, Laura. I love spending time in a bookstore – usually always leave with a book in hand – then it joins the other dust-covered books in my bedroom, waiting for me to read them :o/

  3. Definitely looks like a good read, and a good reference book for tree IDs. Sorry–you’ll get nothing but sympathy from me too; I usually have to read about three books at the same time to keep up with my “I gotta have that book!” habit.

  4. I’m a dork, too. Right now I’m planning to display my acorn collection (somehow) for Thanksgiving. I’ve never really examined the differences–all slightly different shapes, sizes, caps…That book would come in veeeeeeery handy!

  5. KGMom: It feels good to know I’m among like-minded dorks.


    Mary: I do the same thing. I get around to them eventually, but often wonder then what it was that made me buy them to begin with.

    Books are a sort of comfort to me – at least knowing that I have a few around, waiting to be read, is comforting.

    Ruthie: Yea? I could always pass it along…

    Delia: I have books for different moods, too. Fiction is the hardest for me to find the time for though.

    Naturewoman: I’m surprised you don’t already own it – you’re my tree guru!

    Nina: This book doesn’t cover a lot of species, but it does ID a few acorns! It’s hard for me to see the difference between them, other than to say that some are pointier or shinier than others – very technical!

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