You might want to pack that bikini

It’s warm here at the Jersey Shore! I snapped this pic around 10 am this morning at Ocean Grove (that’s Asbury Park in the distance) – this lady had the perfect spot on the beach for her workout. The locals all know that September is THE month for perfect beach weather without the crowds, but late October?
The sky is that perfect shade of blue and it’s just warm enough for a nice nap in the sun. One nice thing about my new job is that I have *field days* when I have to make home visits. I don’t much enjoy poking around in client’s homes, but I do really like the chance to be out of the office a few days a week. In between appointments this morning I took a walk on the boardwalk and enjoyed the warm breezes with Monarchs floating along the dunes. What a beautiful day it was.
The rugosa roses are still blooming and I was tempted to pick a bag of rose hips for jelly. Ocean Grove has a long history as a religious camp town and Sunday services are still held in a little pavilion on the beach with a view of the dunes and the sea.

10 thoughts on “You might want to pack that bikini”

  1. If I were coming to Cape May, I would definitely pack my Speedo paper suit.


    Balmy here, too, Laura.

    Loved those beach scenes…

  2. Good grief, Laura. Do I not have enough pressure on me, and now I have to bring a bikini????

    I think I will be sticking to denim and fleece.
    But the one thing I was worried about being uncomfortable with is the pelagic….if it’s warm, we won’t be all chattering teeth and goosebumps, right?

  3. Mary: Ha! You won’t find me in one of those either!

    Susan: I think it’s supposed to cool off to the 60’s by late in the week, but I’m afraid it might rain, too.


    Bring that rain gear!

    I have no clue about the pelagic. My husband (no lover of boats) assures me I’ll be fine, but I hate the thought of being seasick. It’s only the bay – how choppy could it be?

    I think we’ll all be fine with fleece. I like the cold. Bring rain gear.

    Dave: Will do!

  4. The perks of the community workplace! That is why I cling to my home care job…I love driving around and being able to stop here and there between clients. You could have worn a bikini here in southern Ontario the past two days too!

  5. We went from wintery “fire up the woodstove” weather here to an anticipated 81 degrees today.

    I’m just imagining all those birders in rain gear and fleece bikinis — confusing but be sure to take pictures! Chortle!

    I think I am finally past my Cape May envy and can wish everyone a fantastic time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Your photographs are awesome, Laura. The weather was so nice that my mother and I had to get to the beach too. We drove three hours to the Mass coast on Sunday, where the temps were in the 70’s, and also saw a few rugosa roses still blooming. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Nice shot of the shoreline! Maybe it was you that identified Rugosa Rose in one of my photos in the summer. It’s nice to learn a few new plants.-Have a great time!

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