9 thoughts on “Trinkets”

  1. I wouldn’t call it a trinket – unless that is some femme codeword for the dangly things on bracelets. Anything handmade is a unique treasure – something that many people seem to have lost appreciation for. Enjoy.

  2. KGMom: Yes, the bracelets are beautiful… one is the palest of greens, the other the palest of blues… like the ocean. Susan said she had that in mind when she chose the beads.

  3. Dr. Know: Yes, code for dangly things on bracelets.


    I’m ejoying the green one now especially; it has a tiny silver dragonfly charm. The perfect match for today’s sweater, I think.

    You’re right about many people having lost the taste for handmade things. I haven’t and consider myself pretty lucky to have a few talented (and generous) friends!

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