A cleansing post ;-)

Hey! Need something scrubbed?

I got a new pool to wet stuff in… where’s the soap?

I’ll scrub away your sad face if only you’ll play with me…

that, or I’ll just eat the handle off this nice brush of yours!

10 thoughts on “A cleansing post ;-)”

  1. Trixie: Yeah… he has that effect on me, too.

    Rabbit’s Guy: Luka eats as much hay as any rabbit, I think! Goofy damn dog.

  2. I’m chiming in late on your earlier post:
    I understand about making the decision to gently end a life that you love. And having others tell you that it’s okay, that you are making the right decision…that’s comforting in a time that wretches you apart.

    That Luka is a Cleanse-O-Matic!

  3. Oh, he is a cutie! Few things are more fun than watching a young dog. Unless, of course, it’s your stuff he’s tearing to shreds. You have to wonder why they are interested in brushes when they have all those toys around.

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