A postcard

Summer has its windows open: listen to the crickets and smell the thick breath of the sea. There’s not a cloud in the sky and miles of warm sun-scented beach ahead. We could walk for hours… leave our shoes on the boardwalk, skip stones by the jetty, trace our dreams in the sand.

That magic place where the sea meets the sky… I want to look at it forever, watch the slow progression of waves and listen to the dune grasses strum, laughter carried across beach blankets, the laughter of gulls rivaling ours, that old longing in me now so familiar as the waves roll in.

My sense of time and distance is lost to the lullaby of the surf, to an egret stalking the salt marsh on angel’s wings, the beckoning breeze and its thoughts of you.

Take my hand, stay for a moment, taste the sea’s kiss on my lips.

A postcard scene… wish you were here.

It rained today, all day.

I daydreamed.

9 thoughts on “A postcard”

  1. Oh!, by the way the photo was great. Linda can you please tell me the software you use to edit your photos. The photos look really beautiful and angelic 🙂

  2. Dr. Know: It’s the salt air. Or sitting in the house all day staring at the wallls that makes me that way.


    Jayne and Bobbie: Thanks.. wish I were there.

    Mary: Hi. Thanks.

    Sekhar: Hi. It’s Laura. Tho I’ll answer to Linda, too.


    (Actually I work with a Linda and no one can tell us apart. She’s Dominican, shortish, with long dark hair.)

    I apply liberal use of PhotoShop, with one eye closed, of course.

  3. I hear ya on the containment thing — remember where I live.
    These walls are looking pretty bleak at the moment. I’m wanting to take off to New Zealand for an exploratory mission…

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