A new bird list!

Circumstances beyond my control (a husband with a mind of his own) have necessitated the start of a new list: birds seen by boat. Not just any boat, either… THE boat… our boat, apparently.

(Men and their toys!)


An osprey scared from its nest just when I thought I finally had the perfect photo opportunity – a nest at eye level, just outside of the river channel. I love all the found stuff osprey include in their nests. Also interesting is the rope ladder up to the nest… I guess somebody bands these guys.

I have no idea what this bird is. I’d thought it was a tern, but its back is reddish. Help anyone?

A tree full of great egrets, waiting out the tide, I guess. I know these pictures are awful, but I was too scared of having to swim to shore to bring the good lens. (The boat is something of a fixer-upper.)

Storm clouds full of gulls… who cares what kind; they’re just gulls!


Conversation following inaugural boat tour of the river:

“So… are you happy with it?”

“Um… I didn’t want a boat.”

“Yeah, but… are you happy with it?”

“Um… it’s a boat.”

(I might get to see some good birds though.)


12 thoughts on “A new bird list!”

  1. LOL Laura! I’ve often heard that the two best days of boat ownership are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. But, heck, if you get to see some more birds in different views…. ;c)

  2. BFAB! LOL! I love boat rides. As long as it’s a sturdy, hard-sided (no rafts), non-leaking boat. I keep three lists- life, yard and Hasty. I just never count them.

  3. Looks like a young Forster’s Tern – not sure on the weird plumage. It could be stained from minerals in the water or it could be a really young plumage that I’m not aware of. I no very little about fledgling tern plumages.

  4. Ahh–Laura–whatever makes men happy, right?
    I think you’re right though; you will get a new view on some birds. And who knows, you may just see something wonderful!

  5. Cool! Congrats! I understand the stubborn husband — it’s why I have large motorhome parked in my driveway! 🙂 Hmmmm, birds seen from motorhome? 🙂

  6. Susan: Yeah? Will you pay for the gas to get the boat down there?


    Liza: Sounds like a good plan!

    Delia: Got a life raft?


    KGMom: It’ll be fun, I think.

    Patrick: Thaks – I thought it looked ternish.

  7. Bobbie: Yeah… I’ll try.

    Lynne: 🙂

    Troutbirder: Hi and thanks for the chuckle.

    Cedrorum: Hopefully better ones.


    Jayne: I’ll have to remember that saying…

    (and remind him of it often!)

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