A note of thanks to a client

Dear D.

You humble me.

From the moment we first met, I’ve wondered at you. I’m not surprised anymore with the strength that you show; I’m astounded with it.

You have such astonishing resources of love and emotional resilience.

You let me see behind that mask of confidence on your face today; you admitted you were afraid and you cried long pent-up tears, but all I saw was your grace.

Today was your first step towards realizing some of your goals and I want to thank you for letting me play my part.

You are an exceptional woman. You can’t see that yet, but I hope one day you’ll have pride enough to match that self-confidence. It’s been hard won. You’ve come this far with almost no support from anyone.

I hope you know I’ve been cheering you on and will continue to. You deserve your very own cheering section, I think. I’m so very happy for you.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is the note I would’ve liked to tape onto the plant I brought D. as a housewarming gift today. The silly plant made her cry; I can only imagine what this note might’ve done.

Some people just have so much crap unjustly heaped onto their plates; others of us are so very lucky. I’m grateful that my job reminds me I’m one of the lucky ones and that there’s a lot to be learned from the poor and others that society tends to discount.

On second thought, I may just send it… it might be good for her to hear.

14 thoughts on “A note of thanks to a client”

  1. Send it. How often has she heard such rich supportive words about her life?

    Wayne, PA

  2. Oh, I’d send it for sure. You never know what those words might do for her soul. This is why you do what you do Laura. No doubt. You can “see” what people go through and be such a cheerleader.

  3. It’s a beautiful note. Sending it would be a lovely gesture, as long as you felt safe in doing so. A note this rich reveals much about the author as the recipient.

  4. Another beautiful post to forward to my young social-worker daughter. I feel sure she will always share your sensitivity and compassion.

  5. What an amazing woman you are, too, my dear. How many people in your position would be thoughtful enough to take a plant to a client, and be wise enough to see the strength and want to celebrate it?

  6. All: Thanks for the encouragement. I think it might be best to wait a while and rethink it then.She’s a great lady and probably does need to hear it, but like Robin Andrea said, I’m not sure I feel safe enough telling her so just now.

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