Skywatch Friday

As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean.
–Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Sailboats and cormorants in the harbor at Keyport NJ

Autumn comes to the shore with an apologetic smile. Neither the sky nor the sea has even been as blue as on an October day. Before the winds tatter and strip the trees they first tidy up the sky, pushing the dust and pollen of summer somewhere off to the edge of the world. The sun no longer warms as much, the days are shrinking, another summer is slipping away.

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13 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday”

  1. I felt like the “wedding guest” earlier today … I ran into an “Olde Timer” in the Everglades … he made me late to where I was going, but his story captivated, and his eye twinkled …

  2. Wonderful photographs, skies are so brilliantly blue, love the sailboats but then I love the cormorants. I can’t pick a favorite, they are both great.

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