Thank God we don’t have to do that

“It’s anticipation. Hope, you know. You’re always hoping to catch more fish, hoping to make a living, you know. And that’s what keeps people going. That, and not having to go up the road… I watch all the commuters, computerized people. They have their coffee and their briefcase or their computer, they stand in line waiting for the ferry or the bus. And some guy’s fallen sick, there’s a space, you know, like birds on a wire. I said, “My God, no matter how bad it gets, thank God we don’t have to do that, you know.”

–Richard Nelson, a fisherman with the Belford Seafood Cooperative

I found this quote from a local fisherman reprinted last weekend at the seaport museum and thought it worth sharing. Most people in this area that make any kind of money have to go to NYC to do it; they have the big houses, fancy cars and all the problems that come along with that lifestyle. I wonder how they’d feel knowing the clammers feel sorry for them.


7 thoughts on “Thank God we don’t have to do that”

  1. When the tide is out, the table is set!

    A bad day fishing beats a good day at work anytime!

    I’ve been fishing so long my worms are on social security.

    etc ….

  2. As we spiral deeper and deeper into the remorseless grip of reality, we will once again learn the true value of people like commercial fishermen and farmers.

  3. It’s interesting to view corporate life from a fisherman’s perspective and I think I’d be far more comfortable working with those fishermen than with the businessmen!

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