Time for a tease

Susan’s counter thingy says that the Cape May Weekend is just 15 days away and I hear that Lynne has already started packing and KatDoc is saving quarters for all the tolls on the Parkway… and I’m resisting the urge to visit ahead of the rest of the flock.

I’d really like to go now while it’s still warmish and the Monarchs and Buckeyes are moving through. I’m sure Bunker Pond is still full of egrets and that there’s plenty of Peregrines soaring past the lucky people crowded in the shadow of the lighthouse and Merlins cruising low over the dunes in the late afternoon. Have a peak at some of the most recent numbers here.

Rather than that, I’ll think I’ll probably spend the next couple weekends wandering around the Pine Barrens. October is a great month to visit and there’s lots to see and do with the beginning of the cranberry harvest there.

I just got distracted with the duck numbers in that Cape May link, sorry.

Girls… you’ve got to find time to visit the Seawatch at Avalon while you’re here… it’s such a spectacle! I remember standing out in the pouring rain on Friday of last year’s weekend, wondering why you all weren’t there with me to witness the tens of thousands of scoters flying past in the fog and rain. It was just unbelievable and very wet.


Something else we should all look forward to is more goofy pics of Susan playing in the surf. Though I suspect I may instead have my camera trained on Lynne as she dips her toes in the Atlantic for the first time.

So girls… what’s on your to-do-in-Cape May-lists?

Heather, you still in? John? Patrick? Patrick’s away on his honeymoon… what am I thinking?


14 thoughts on “Time for a tease”

  1. My DD is having her follow-up surgery for her arm on Friday, October 24th. <:(

    Maybe next year?

    Wayne, PA

  2. You all have fun, now, hear?
    I, on the other hand, will be in San Diego. . .chairing a national meeting. Hmmmm-what’s wrong with this plan. San Diego–good start. Chairing a meeting–what am I thinking? Well, duty calls–must do what I must do.

  3. Aw, jeez.

    Heather can’t come? Poop!

    I forgot that Lynne hasn’t seen the Atlantic yet. It is very cool, that I can say. But that coldness felt good on the poor dogs after a day of walking.

    Eek! 15 days!

  4. I have started my “pre-packing.” After that will come the actual packing, followed by the re-packing. (Traveling with me is complicated!)

    On my To-Do List:

    5) See the Atlantic Ocean. I have seen it before, in Fla and SC, but it has been a really long time.

    4) Pick up at least 5 Life Birds, especially and primarily Black Skimmers.

    3) Spend some quality time at the optics corner. [I am seriously considering buying new binoculars.]

    2) Take the ferry over to Lewes to see (for the very first time) my e-friend Holly, who I have “known” for about 8 years.

    1) and most important: Have a rocking good time with the east coast Flock!

  5. LYNNE’S NEVER BEEN TO THE ATLANTIC? Oh, my. Have your cameras ready, please.

    All I can look forward to are your posts, loaded with birds, gals and fun. All of that will do me, I guess!

  6. I’ll still be here, so I can join you for dinner or drinks or something. I can’t do much birding with you since I’m in a blind all day. Make sure to come to a banding demo!

    I only saw one egret in the state park this evening, and it wasn’t in Bunker Pond. However, there was a nice group of molting shovelers. As for hawks, I have been treated to a steady diet of Coops, but I understand the hawkwatch has been getting some P-birds.

    katdoc – Black Skimmers might be a little too optimistic. I haven’t seen one at the Point in several weeks, possibly a month. They might be possible elsewhere, though.

  7. I might have to make a little sling to hold my jaw shut- it hangs open when I’m in awe.

    I want to see EVERYTHING.

    Really- I’m trying to limit my expectations. I just want to take it all in. I hope you guys will cover for me if I look too much like a dork.

  8. I’d swear I responded to these comments last night, but…

    Let’s try again:


    Rabbit’s Guy: (hugs and nose bonks)

    Heather: Darn…. I hope it goes well. We’ll be thinking of you.

    KGMom: I hope you’ll find time for some fun! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Jayne: Yeah… I’m looking forward to that, too!

    Robert: Do you mean Ocean City? I haven’t been there in years! Nice memories tho.

    Susan: Cripes… we better start packing!

    KatDoc: I get such a kick out of you and Lynne!

    (Polar opposites but still friends!)

    I like your list… I bought my good bins at a spring weekend many moons ago.

    (Don’t believe John about the skimmers… there’ll be some, I promise!)

    Mary: We’ll have fun anyway. One of these years, Mary… you’ll come!

    John: Yes! We’ll do a banding demo… so long as you’ll consider letting me release a hawk, maybe?


    Are you sure about the skimmers? There was a nice group at the beg of Sept.?

    Lynne: We’ll cover for you!

    (fellow bird-dorks!)

    Can’t wait!

  9. All I know about the skimmers is that there are not any currently at Bunker Pond, or on the beach near the state park. I don’t know if there are any elsewhere on the island. The huge flock that was in Bunker Pond dispersed several weeks ago.

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