11 thoughts on “Where have I seen this?”

  1. Is she made out of chocolate?
    And why didn’t you get a full frontal photo, may I ask? Because my dirty mind went right there.

    That looks like a NYC thing to do, a big fleshy gal statue in the middle of a mall.

  2. The statue reminds me of some of the Henry Moore behemoth sculpture.
    From the looks of the photo, the piece is strategically placed just where shoppers would go in and out of stores.

  3. Oh Jayne…. how silly you are… thanks for the smile!

    (Don’t we all feel that way most days?)

    NCMountainWoman: You should have seen her partner.


    Pam: Hey! Really… it was fun to see.

    Susan: Yep… NYC, maybe the Trump building (I forget!)

    She does look chocolate!

    Ruth: I did! LOL!

    KGMom: I’ve no idea who did these… I should, shouldn’t I?

  4. I was a recent NY tourist…

    “Standing in the lobby of Time-Warner Center Shops at Columbus Circle are two huge bronze sculptures by contemporary artist Fernando Botero. The 15-ft tall nude figures are titled “Adam and Eve.”

    no, they are not a Hershey creation

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