Maybe you’re all waiting for the telling of silly stories (check with Susan) or fabulous bird pics (check with Lynne) or tips for identifying sparrows (check with KatDoc) or maybe just Delia’s straight-forward way of saying things (which cracks me up because she’s such a hoot in person!), but if you’re looking for any of that tonight from me… well, I don’t even know where to begin, but to say that it was a fabulous couple of days for this member of the flock.

I’m still amazed with how easily near strangers can come together and feel so comfortable with one another. I don’t guess I should be anymore, but I am. Meeting other bloggers face to face makes me really aware of how much we tell of ourselves with the little things we share here. Anyway…

KatDoc was a life bird-blogger for me and, no surpise here, she was THE serious member of the flock. She had her moments, of course, but she made it obvious that the rest of us were just *social birders* out for a good time. KatDoc means business when it comes to adding birds to her life list. She was smiling here, on our boat trip around the back bays of Cape May yesterday, happy that she’d tallied a few new birds for her list.

These two, Susan and Delia, old friends of mine now. 😉 It feels really nice to say that. We first met at last year’s Autumn Weekend and once since then. We only had a day with Delia this time; time for an owl prowl, birding in the rain (again!), breakfast at Uncle Bill’s and a dinner with a whole gang of people that were in town for the weekend before she had to leave for home.

Susan and me. (Laugh.) I feel almost like we’re opposite sides of the same coin, if that makes any sense. She often knows what I’m thinking and’ll say it in that way that only Susan can. I love her for that and the way she can make me laugh until my belly hurts.

Meeting Lynne… well, I think I’d have recognized her as a friend at first sight even if I didn’t *know* her from her blog. I couldn’t resist hugging her any chance I got. 😉 Of course you all know it, but she is just the sweetest person in the world and funny in a quiet way that just tickled me. I think NJ was something of a culture shock for her and I’m just hoping that she won’t be scarred for life.

I’m hoping that everyone’s home safely by now and sorting through their own pics and memories. Really, I’m as anxious as you are to hear what stories need to be told first. I love stories.

Stay tuned…

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  1. I’ve been outed! First, Susan accuses me of being a Lister, now Laura has dubbed me a Serious Birder.

    Oh, no!! Will they take away my Flock membership card for that?

    ~Kathi, who was sorry she missed Sunday night’s beach party. Never got to feel the sand between my toes or wade in the surf

  2. This is nice. We locals only see one side of the birders who flock to our area for these weekends. It’s really nice to learn about the fun and the friendships and affection, and see the town through others’ eyes. It usually seems to include bad weather, sorry to say, but that doesn’t seem to dampen your pleasure.

    Neat lighthouse picture up there!

  3. OMG yesterday was a looong day for me and I was so very happy to get home but now with your post I have tears in my eyes reading your takes on everyone.

    Still waiting for my pix to load…

  4. It’s strange how your descriptions of everyone blend with my perceptions of them from reading their blogs. Guess we pour out more of ourselves than we think.

    Great post. We’re looking forward to more.

  5. What a great time you all must have had. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. I’m glad you all got to meet Lynne finally and I will agree that she is the sweetest person in the world!

  6. Sounds like you really had a great time!

    Read your blog all the time – so much fun but this is my first comment.

    I’ve read many of your shore visits and wonder if you would be so kind to recommend a day outing to the shore – maybe a lunch or a dinner and something to see. This is a couple outing (I a relo’d LI’er amd they relo’d from MD).

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. They want to take a drive and then share a meal. I sense perhaps a “something to see” while we were there would be good.

    Thank you.

  7. Fellow bloggers of the same ilk are not unlike good neighbors. It’s a great way to connect with people of similar interests, that otherwise you would have never met. We all thought email might do that … but blogging takes it to a new and more elevated level. Sounds like a great experience.

  8. I’m proud to count you and Susan as my old friends. My “straight-forward way of saying things”? Gee, and I thought my bloggy was funny.

  9. Susan: I missed that whole herpes thing (thank god!)

    Liza: It was, yeah!

    Jayne: We’ll all be quite the group of crazy birders I think. Should be fun (and loud!)

    KatDoc: Priorities Miss!


    Bobbie: I had to have that pic of the lighthouse! Glad you liked it.

    Sekhar: Thanks.

    Lynne: I bet it was a long day! Thanks so much for making the trip.

    NCMountainWoman: Not many surprises, no.

    RuthieJ: Yeah… should be a hoot when we’re all together.

    Linda: Hi and thanks for commenting!

    Hmmm… helpful would be some idea of what you might like to see?

    Give me some more hints and I’ll see what I can dream up.

    Robert: Yeah… lots of fun, too.

    Mary: Yeah.


    Delia: Not nearly as fun as you are in person!

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