Surprise #1: My first day back in the office since a week ago and my desk didn’t actually look that bad… the post-it note fairy exploded gangs of little pink and white and yellow papers everywhere, but the effect was kinda pretty.

Surprise #2: It snowed today here for a couple hours… big wet flakes that stuck to the orange oak leaves outside the office window. Wasn’t I at the beach in a t-shirt just the other day?


I’ll be back in a bit with some birds from Cape May.

9 thoughts on “Surprises”

  1. As I read this, the weather report is on in the background talking about the weather in Philly that knocked the baseball game off for tonight. A cold cold forecast–no wonder you had snow in NJ.

  2. I saw the pictures of snowy weather on last night’s news too and felt bad for you eastern folks. The snow we had here in Minnesota over the weekend wasn’t even half that bad. At least it didn’t spoil your Cape May festival.

  3. We had some snow here too, and I was just as disoriented by it as you. Remember how hot it was at Cape May? I was sweating in my long sleeves. Crazy.

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